5 alternative career paths with TEFL

Pursuing a TEFL Certificate course is a great decision in order to shape up your career along with quenching your thirst of travelling. There are many out there who are willing to pursue this course give their career a fitting start. Teaching English as Foreign Language courses is an amazing choice. It feels really good to know that you help develop skills in people that will trickle down the society. It is a quite rewarding job that gives pleasure along with making good money. Adventure, work, fun, money all are part of your work and you get to explore and learn about new and different cultures also. But there’s another side to it that is not realized by many people. One doesn’t have to stay on the bottom rung of teaching English forever, as we need a place to start but TEFL is not only restricted to teaching. A lot of different things can be done and one can utilize all that experience and skill which they would have developed. If anyone feels like that they need to move out of the classroom area, here are 5 other fields that one can consider.

  • Language school management

It is one of the obvious choices for those who love teaching and do not want go any further from the classroom. Generally, the designations come in a series of progression which is from teacher to senior teacher, then academic co-ordinator, and finally academic manager or director of studies. The responsibilities might vary depending on where one is working, a big chain or an independent centre. One can even play a big role in running the school and having a big say in the future plans and developments. It’s also likely that one may work hard enough to work their way up to Academic Manager, they’ll be rewarded very well for their work.

  • Senior Management and Business Management

One may wish to move out of the academic side entirely and it’s not simple. It may require extra training, but it is not impossible. If you have a talent for finance, development, strategy or marketing and is able to focus on the ‘big picture’ of private education, then you may consider this as a possible option. As a teacher, you have varied and valuable subject matter knowledge that will aid in taking strategic decisions. If that interests you, then you may well settle into this role without a second thought.

  • Publishing

Foraying into the publishing market is also a viable option as it is a huge industry. From your classroom experience, you will know that there are so many course books which are authored, restructured time to time and are reprinted on an annual basis. Apart from that, online English classes also require CD’s, supplementary materials and resources which requires equal upgradation and authoring as well. There are many publishing positions to be found if you’re serious and determined about what you want to do. If you want to leave the classroom, but looking for as where to venture to, the publishing industry will always welcome you and your expertise.

  • Teacher Trainer

To be a teacher trainer is a viable decision for highly experienced English teachers. During a time when the TEFL industry is at a growing stage, the demand for teacher trainer is also on the rise and will continue to do so in the coming days.

  • Materials Writer / Author

Many experienced teachers use their experience in in-class TEFL courses to foray into authoring textbooks. There is a huge demand for English Language Teaching materials which can be written only with proper experience as they have an understanding of what a student require.

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