With globalization, the huge number of people who want or need to learn English as a language has risen manifold. You can choose varied career paths by choosing to teach English as a foreign language in the coming year and start afresh with a vast array of opportunities.

Through the global prospects, teachers with a diploma with TEFL get the opportunity to meet and interact with learners from diverse backgrounds. By pursuing a TEFL course, as a teacher you get empowered to change your life in the coming year.

Here are 5 reasons to pursue a TEFL program in 2018:

  • Meeting new people as you travel abroad

Travelling and teaching is a great way to meet new people from all walks of life. As a teacher with an International Diploma for TEFL, you will be mingling with the locals as well as other teachers from other parts of the globe. You are effectively working towards a new career, travelling to a wide array of locations, where much emphasis is given on teaching English as a foreign language.

  • Experience new cultures

As an Indian teacher, you have a wide range of opportunities to explore abroad with the prime focus being given on education and teaching English. A good number of Indian teacher abroad are pursing successful global careers, proficient in teaching English as a foreign language. Experiencing exciting new cultures is always a bonus as you travel to different parts of the world. You get to experience new cultural interests, different types of cuisine, music and architecture, events and festivals and even celebrate traditional holidays.

  • Teaching English as a foreign language is rewarding

Teaching English abroad is a great way to explore vast opportunities that is rewarding for those you work with. The sense of satisfaction you get by empowering the learners with English as a prime language for communication is indeed a big incentive. Speaking English is a valuable asset for most so you really are playing an important role in their lives.

  • The opportunity to influence global learners

On successful completion of the TEFL program, as a teacher, your lessons extend beyond the students. A positive and supportive environment has a significant influence on student comfort level, participation and success. As a trained teacher, you encourage students to express themselves in their own comfortable ways. To fully engage the audience, it is important for the teacher to express a sense of being “one with the learner.”

  • Boost your CV/ resume with TEFL certifications

Every year, there is a rise in the number of students who are learning English as a foreign language. Start your career in 2018 with the successful completion of international diploma for TEFL. Not only will the TEFL qualification be a great addition to your CV, the teaching experience you acquire through this program is greatly valuable too. Proven abilities to tackle newer challenges and adapting to new responsibility, initiative and environment are considered vital for teachers.

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