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Aspiring TEFL Teachers: How to stay Motivated?


Teaching is indeed a tough job. It’s not just physically draining (thanks to the long hours of standing up, writing on black/whiteboards!); it’s mentally and emotionally draining too. It takes a lot of patience, commitment, and resilience to become a TEFL teacher. Whether you are an aspiring teacher pursuing TEFL course in Mumbai or have just completed TEFL certification in Mumbai, you will often find yourself burning out during the teaching process. So, what’s the secret to avoiding burnout and stay motivated? Let’s get down to it:

1. Set goals
You will lose motivation if you turn yourself into a tool of completing lessons after lesson in the class without having a final aim. Set a goal for each class you take. Do not just teach but inspire the students. Your enthusiasm in the class will influence your students.

2. Pick interesting topics
It will take some time for the students to develop their language skills; but you can always make your classes much interesting by picking new topics. Since the language is your subject, it’s easier to pick any topic and encourage a discussion. This will help the students to use the language and hone their skills in different ways.

3. Know your students well
Get to know your students as individuals. Try to learn something about their world. You can engage them in interesting projects and presentations on their hobbies, their hometown or any other topic of interest. This will make the classes more interesting, break the monotony, and help you stay motivated to go back to the class every day.

4. Jot down your feelings
Maintain a diary and write down your teaching experiences. Writing often helps in clearing your mind and avoid burnout. You can try writing blogs, sharing your experiences. This will also help you reflect on your past and see how far you have travelled.

5. Do some research
Take your time out and find more about teaching methods and the learning process. Share your findings with fellow teachers or just write it down.

Apart from all these, take some time out for yourself and indulge in activities you love. You will enjoy your time when you come back to the class.

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