Attend a TEFL workshop and know the latest trends in TEFL scenario

Workshops are training events which usually cover a span of 1 to 7 days where the participants are given a brief idea and knowledge on the subject of the workshop. A TEFL workshop also lies on the same line, with it providing the participants with a comprehensive awareness on the latest ESL/EFL teaching methodologies and approaches.

Need for English teachers/instructors are high in demand in every part of the world. With English becoming the most preferred language of communication in the world around, the need to know the fluent use of the language is a must. Hence if you have the interest to teach in various places around the globe, then learning the appropriate techniques for teaching learners of various culture, backgrounds and ages is quite necessary. Here is where knowledge on TEFL is necessary. TEFL is the acronym for Teaching English as a Foreign Language whereas TESOL is the acronym for Teaching English to the Speakers of Other Languages. Though the names may be different their meanings are somewhat similar, with just a subtle difference between the two. Teaching the students in countries where English is not the language of communication such as in South Asia, Middle east or in South American countries , the term TEFL is more commonly used and in countries where their preferred language of communication is English, the term TESOL is more prevalent. However, since both the terms TEFL and TESOL are almost synonymous, majority of the institutes offering training for the aspirants provide a single training course covering all aspects of ESL/EFL teaching aspects so that the aspirants after the course completion are able to teach in and pursue their passion of teaching abroad in places of their choices.

A One-Day TESOL workshop is applicable for all who are keen on getting a fair idea on the latest trends and techniques used in the world of ESL/EFL teaching and education. Of course, TEFL workshops are not a substitute for a TEFL training course; they aim to acquaint the candidates with the benefits of pursuing a TEFL course from a recognised training institute, what is the demand for TEFL educators in the international teaching scenario, the countries where the demand is more than the others, the diverse career opportunities that are in demand in various countries around the world, and many other such important information on TEFL/TESOL. In this kind of workshops, apart from discussing on the various topics, the class also comprises of various interesting activities, visual and audio aids to help the participants with the understanding of the topics discussed.

A TEFL workshop is applicable for fresh university graduated students who want to have a fair knowledge on the concept and application of TEFL/TESOL, for youngsters looking for a job abroad, for professionals looking for a mid-career change, or for retired professionals who are looking for a job which offers stability at the same time also provide them with the opportunity to travel. The workshop will also be suitable for TEFL graduates, who are planning to acquaint themselves with the latest developments and happenings in the world of TEFL.

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