Best Possible Time You Should Know to Follow Up Your TEFL Job

So are you done with your TEFL certification courses and gearing up for the recruitment drives? Or maybe many of you have a few unlucky attempts, unfortunately, those attempts are making you feel grumpy at home! You are actually feeling depressed and sad for you paid a lot! Yes, whatever time, effort, monetary investments you have made must be in thousands but without almost zero benefits. And to make things more difficult you have a non-European or Asian origin – God it never seemed so difficult when you applied, cleared or even went to address the young learners?

But yes, all of these scenes are so very true! They, in fact, can suck your mind to make you lose every bit of your confidence. Then again, just wait, you need to pause for a few moments and must think wisely – what have you done to get near to your dream job? Just a certificate, is that all one needs? Or knowledge? – To be precise it’s time for you to really re-think what more you can add to the ‘pot’ (here it’s your resume that we are talking about!).

Make a list of your do’s and don’ts:

Unsure of your do’s and don’ts, let’s explain first with the do’s.

Frame a resume – Until and unless you plan to write a clear resume things are not going to change! For life and the fast-paced competitive job, the world asks you to act dynamically. Say you have an existing resume saved safely in your resume folder and you have been sending random emails to possible recruiters. That’s not the right way to do things, instead, a better format is to constantly update your resume.

The basic reason is every day you learn something new at work or from life, you may deliver a speech, or write blogs based on your TEFL training experiences, or from a 2 weeks’ internship that you did, you must mention all of them in detail. Follow a format as duration, date, project or assignment or internship, profile responsibilities, type of work, knowledge gained, challenges faced and solved.

Write a cover letter – Nowadays recruiters or hiring agencies or institutes find it hard to go through a fact 3 to 4-page resume at one go, instead they prefer to look at your cover letter. A cover letter is your ticket where you need to be the marketer, selling your own points. In short, you need to highlight on your strengths, weakness, potential and how workable you are to meet the required job criteria.

One of the key components to write a powerful cover letter is to stay focused on your job objective. Have a look at the company profile, browse through the product basics if shared and read the job details carefully. Remember your cover letter is the key to trap the recruiters read your resume, for the cover letter draws an image of your potentials.

Mark your presence on the social platforms – you need to be consistent with your LinkedIn profile, for it is the newest social profile that can aid you to connect with lucrative opportunities. All you need to do is fill the profile creation rightly, deliver all the required inputs and connect groups, communities, learn what’s happening within the education domain. This would automatically impact your existing knowledge.

Now let’s say what you must not do.

Don’t boast yourself – Your resume and cover letter both talk about your achievements, strengths but it is required for you to maintain a realistic approach and not just boast of your growth. A balance needs to be maintained as you enlist your weakness, how or what challenges you have faced or areas of improvements you are currently undergoing.

Don’t allow or entertain scammed employers – Keep faith in yourself. It is wise enough to level up your TEFL certification courses rather than pay in figures to employers. As most of the pay and get job options are fake, so don’t tap yourself into it. Just ignore or reject such requests. Even when you are considering a freelance or part-time training option, follow a clear agreement pattern. Legal bindings are taken into consideration under critical or unfaithful conditions.

Don’t just lose your mind – Be proactive, for it is your hard work which is going to bring you success. So it is wise enough for you to practice hard, upgrade your teaching points, follow the recruiters, visit workshops to keep updated about the learning and development spheres. For one need to put in their energies to frame an impressive document and make that dream job happen! In short, there is no ‘perfect time’ that awaits for you to get that job, rather it is your pull and push factors, hardships that is going to appoint you as an official ESL trainer both for the international and national gateways.

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