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Breaking The Myth: TEFL Is Not Just For English Educators

A common belief among people is that TEFL courses are best accredited to expats seeking an academic profession in reputed schools, universities or educational institutions. And it is strong so among the non-native speakers, who may have a great academic record but little idea of communicating rightly with foreign students while their stay abroad. This is nothing but a MYTH! Unfortunately, many of us have little or no idea of serving the ‘corporate kings’ after grabbing a certified degree just by selecting from the online TEFL courses.

—– Now, what exactly are we unaware of?

Pretty little is known about doing a certificate course on TEFL business learners. As leading vocational trainers, educators or even the commoners are found stressing on the positives of TEFL young learners. Needless to say, the educators aiming for foreign lands have a serious call on TEFL young learner’s programme briefing on the teaching strategies of educators while addressing the classroom. It helps educators realise the dreams of young children by implementing and integrating technology-driven information against the subjects taught.

But what about those who would like to start at the corporate? Or one who has already stepped in the corporate world but finding it hard to communicate effectively? To meet such requirements, TEFL business learners’ will impact the required training for people to brush up their communication.

—–Why TEFL business is so important?

Some valid reasons have made the endorsing bodies decide on certifying TEFL business course. Let’s take a tour of what they are,

Firstly, given the realm of the global networking system, communication mostly thrives either in written or oral form. And to make things look smooth, Multinational players prefer to train their skilled human resources with correct English communication. Almost all the crediting agencies and institutions have accepted and approved English as the international language.

Secondly, non-native countries – Middle Eastern states, Africa, South East Asia or even the ASEAN nations are investing in doing online TEFL courses. This is because they lack qualified English trainers who can teach the correct way of writing a business report.

Thirdly, Countries, prior to their cross-cultural barriers, possess unique ethnic interests while addressing the business clients either in the verbal mode of communication or through a written format. Each differs in their mother language. Therefore, uniformity can only be maintained by practising a common language. And so English, easy to adapt and understand solves the complex race.

Fourthly, thus all these reasoned enough to invest on doing a TEFL business course online – perhaps the best solving option for the working professional, having a little scope of visiting an in-class mode of training and that too for a long duration. Another worrying zone being the time allotted for these courses, corporate geeks prefer to enrol in short weekly courses to quickly grasp the problems.

—– How will the TEFL business excel you?

By conforming to the above understanding, we can highlight the following points,

  • With Japanese firms roping in India or vis-a-vis, leading corporations are trying to bridge the communicative gap among non-native speakers. Thus, they either prefer to hire English foreign teachers who are certified with a Tesol certification abroad – a must for trainers willing to train the corporate learners.
  • TESOL/TEFL certified trainers would initiate the andragogical learning approach to convene the standard required for handling business client residing in the UK, other than India or Japan or China.
  • Generally, the course would certify professionals with the respective key components of Business English – course design, need analysis, client approach, teaching business speaking and writing and classroom management.
  • Professionals involved in the communications department should understand the needs of the clients. Thereby, they are to send email or business reports. To do any of these written activities succinctly, grammatical competencies along with the communicative competencies are to be addressed carefully.
  • Grammatical competence denotes how sentences should be constructed. Also, one needs to understand the use of words to address prospective business clients formally and avoid syntax errors.
  • Classroom approaches typically involve activities like role plays, surveys, project works etc.
  • Overall, the teaching methods of this course would initiate a learner-centric approach instead of the traditional ‘teacher-centric’ learning.

P.S. Therefore, one can easily conclude that TEFL courses not exclusively meant for educators, but champion the working professionals willing to connect with any educating or communicating unit in the long run.

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  1. Before going through this post, I thought TEFL is just meant for the English students or those who pursued English literature in graduation. Thanks for behaving like an intruder and clearing the doubts.

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