Explore South Indian Culinary tradition in Chennai while you pursue TEFL course

There is a growing consciousness of English as an international language since the past decade or even more.  As a result there is a huge requirement of English teachers in different parts of the world, especially in the non-English speaking nations, where the exposure to the language is limited. TEFL is increasingly gaining popularity in countries such as Middle eastern countries like UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar; South Asian countries like Thailand, Japan, China, Vietnam, and Indonesia, European countries like Spain, France; and Latin American countries as well. A TEFL course qualifies you as an English Teacher and opens door for great opportunities in the Education Sector; it makes you a Global Educator and at the same time gives you a chance to learn about different cultures of the various locations around the world.

If you are planning to enrol for a TEFL course, you can choose from the two different modes offered by the training institutes- online and in-class. The In-class TEFL program has their own brownie points. TEFL training centres are situated in the major metro cities of India which has their own distinct culture, heritage and not to forget their delicious food’. So while pursuing your course you can always set to explore the major tourist attractions of the city and also taste the delectable local cuisine there.

Chennai as a TEFL training destination is quite popular among the aspirants. By enrolling in TEFL course in Chennai you have the opportunity to explore a variety of both vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian food. While in Chennai, you can start your day with a filter coffee, which is their signature beverage. Usually served in a tumbler, the coffee has strong aroma and concoction of fat milk, which leaves a lingering taste in your tongue and can lift up even the worst moods. On the other hand, South Indian breakfast may consist of idli, dosa and vada, one can also try the upma, usually served with rasam , sambhar, kootu ,buttermilk and various kind of chutneys. Their cuisines also have a distinctive aroma of the curry leaves.

Chennai offers many interesting dishes such as kothu parotta which is minced layer flat bread with chicken , egg served with spicy sauce, puliyodarai also known as puliyogare, thayi thogayal, appam, pongal, aviyal, etc. The Chettinad cuisine is most famous for its non vegetarian dishes and its variety of spices; some of the famous dishes are Chettinad pepper chicken, paniyaram, karuppatti etc. whereas sundal, idiayappam  nethili fry and murruku sandwhich serve as light snacks. The famous desserts of Chennai are payasam, kesari, sweet pongal. One can always indulge in the ‘jigarthanda’, a sweet beverage usually available in the local shops in and around Chennai.

The Tamil Cuisine is the perfect blend of traditional south Indian food along with elements of different cuisine from other parts of India and foreign locations, thus adding a new variety to its cuisine and making it more delicious. So for all TEFL students who enrol for a course in Chennai, you must certainly make it a point to try out and enjoy their local cuisine.

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