Explore the backwaters of Kerala while pursuing TEFL course in Kochi

Kochi is a sight for the sore eyes with its hills, backwaters, its varied flora and fauna. It is located in the state of Kerala. The different kinds of festivals in here attract various kinds of tourists all over the world. But when you merge exploration of a new place with learning, it makes for a productive experience. The TEFL course in Kerala which stands for Teaching English as a Foreign Language provides opportunity to learn teaching the English language while enjoying the scenic beauty of Kochi. The importance of the English language has increased over the years and so has the demand for TEFL qualified teachers who are able to help the non-English speakers. TEFL is similar to TESOL which stands for Teaching English to the Speakers of Other Language also involves teaching English to the native speakers. You would have the most remarkable experience when you enroll for the TEFL courses while enjoying the backwaters of Kochi.

Kerala is called the “God’s own country” and you can see why when you see the beaches, the hills, the rivers and so on, giving the place a heavenly beauty. Kerala is located on the Malabar Coast on the South-west of India. One of the most interesting tourist attractions of this place are the backwaters which is a chain of saltwater lakes and lagoons that lie parallel to the Arabian Sea coast. These water bodies virtually cover half of the length of the state of Kerala. The Kochi backwaters are the main mode of transportation of both people and goods. But it is also one of the main tourist attractions of the state which generates the majority of revenue for Kerala tourism. Every year snake boat races are held in the backwaters of Kerala which is one of the biggest festivals and attracts a lot of tourist attention. TEFL courses Kerala provides you not just an opportunity to learn and gather knowledge about teaching English, it also gives you a window for exploration of the lush green land and an array of interconnected lakes and lagoons and canals.

A houseboat ride in these inland water bodies makes for an experience of a lifetime. It is a welcome variation from the confines of the concrete jungle in the city. It fills your lungs with pure and crisp air and your heart with a sense of serenity. And why just the backwaters, you can enjoy a variety of places in Kerala. Munnar is one of the most popular hill stations in the southern part on India; the place is surrounded by tea gardens, waterfalls and little bungalows which give it an old world charm. Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary preserves several species of animals which is a big tourist attraction.

Kochi also has a rich cultural heritage with native arts, literature, language, festivals and various types of cuisines. Here, rice and coconut are widely used but now Kochi has a multicultural cuisine.

If you have wanderlust in you and you want to teach at the same time then you must go for a TEFL course, which would earn you a desired position in the educational institutions around the world. After doing a TEFL certificate course you can teach in several parts of the world like Thailand, China, Middle East, etc.

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