Innovative Techniques of Teaching and Their Impact on the Learners of TEFL Course in Mumbai

Every comprehensive professional course tends to get monotonous for the learners with time. This is where the learners of such courses, such as the TEFL course in Mumbai, need to get innovative and learn new techniques that will eradicate this monotony and will help them to successfully complete the course curriculum within the stipulated time. In the following lines, we will have a look at a few such innovative techniques that the future TEFLers could put into use for the ease of understanding of the subject matter, helping them to finish the course curriculum along with the eradication of monotony from the learning procedure and making it more interesting.

  1. Story board learning

This is a technique that enables the students to learn the subject matter in form of stories. This helps the learners to understand the nuances of the course curriculum through story board learning which makes things interesting for both the teacher and the learners, eradicating the monotony that prevails due to the rigorous study procedure of a comprehensive course like the TEFL course.

  1. Role Play

This is one of the most used innovative techniques used for making the teaching-learning procedure impactful and not boring. Learners of TEFL course in Mumbai could benefit from this technique, which will give them an idea about the real-life situations that tend to occur during the in-class courses in a professional curriculum.

  1. Brainstorm

This is also another very popular innovative technique which requires the students in a classroom to come together and discuss on a particular matter so as to find the feasible solution to a problem regarding the subject of study. However, it is very important for the teacher to see that the discussion is always in flow with the course of study or else the learners might get deviated from the main path.

  1. Real World experience

The educator can include real world experiences in the course of study so as to make things livelier and more penetrating for the learners. These real-world experiences can also come from the students’ personal lives and can be implemented for making the learning experience even better for the students of a TEFL course.

  1. Audio-Visual experience

The TEFL educator can also implement devices in the class which provides the learners with audio-visual lessons, which can be a unique experience for the new students and help to make the teaching-learning procedure improvised and impactful. Audio-visual experiences cater to the development of the incisiveness of the learners and help them to gain new perspectives into the lesson plans.

  1. Classroom Environment

The development of the classroom environment into one which is conducive for the upgrading of the teaching-learning procedure is very important, especially if it is related to a course as comprehensive as the TEFL course. It is essential for the future educators to understand the importance of maintaining the in-class environment as it plays a huge role in the nurturing of their students in the right way.

  1. Teamwork

It is also very important to understand, for both the learners as well as the educators that teamwork is one of the most important virtues that belong to both sets of people as they pursue a comprehensive course like TEFL. It not only helps in the understanding of the subject matter vividly for the students but also enables the teachers to get a sound look at the potential of every student on an individual basis and act accordingly to ensure his/her progress in the right way.

  1. Creativity

The last but not the least, it is very important for both the educators and the learners to be creative in their own way and prepare a feasible route for the successful completion of the course curriculum. Creativity is one area which is inherent to every person and can help to develop the understanding about a particular course in their own way. Innovating the ways to deliver the course curriculum is a creative thing to undertake for every learner as well as educator, which can be of use for them in the completion of TEFL course in Mumbai.

Modern learning requires the teacher as well as the students to be able to find newer ways to deliver the lecture along with a proper understanding so as to make the teaching-learning procedure more impactful and penetrating. The aforementioned innovative techniques can be very useful for the future educators, who aspire to become global educators in the future after the successful completion of the TEFL course in Mumbai. It is also necessary for the learners of TEFL to help them understand the nuances of the course and utilise them in an effective and efficient way for further enhancement in their teaching career in the future.

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