Premiumisation: The Tool To Restore Congeniality In Comprehensive Itineraries

Any service or product can be divided into different categories depending on the segment of audience targeted by that particular service. A learning experience is one such service too which can be categorised into niches that appeals to a particular group of people, depending on the kind of service they render. This is where the premiumisation comes into play. It helps to understand how to categorise a product or a service based upon the presence of the various aspects of premiumisation present in the particular product.

What is Premiumisation?

Premiumisation is a tool by virtue of which the cost effectiveness of a product or service is defined. Every product or service is unique in its own way and consists of a number of procedures, which at times determines its value in the market. The value and the procedures rendered by the service determine how premium it is. There are a number of aspects that circulate the fundamentals of premiumisation and how they have an effect on the categorisation of a particular service, such as the TESOL certification courses that are discussed in the following.

  1. Rarity

Any product or service becomes premium on the basis of its availability. If a service is easily available, the people don’t have to pay much for it, whereas, a service which is scarce, need the ones looking for it to play up big bucks. Similarly, in case of an educational course, if it is available easily in the market, the cost increases significantly and it becomes accessible to only those people who can afford to pay for it.

  1. Features

The presence of certain features in a particular product or service makes the base for its cost effectiveness among the ones who are willing to pursue it. The same happens in the case of an educational course and what it has on offer for the ones who are indulging in it. This pertains a very important information about the course and most people look for complete transparency in this segment to influence their choice.

  1. Reliability

Trust and reliability is the main basis to make the people attracted towards a particular product or service. Same is the case in making a course premium among the people who are interested about it. Any popular course can become premium by the virtue of the reliability it can present in front of the people attracted towards it and fulfil their queries successfully.

  1. Performance

The performance of any particular course of study is also a basic factor for that particular course becoming popular and in turn premium. If the learners don’t get 100% satisfaction from the curriculum present in the course, then both the popularity and premiumisation is set to go for a toss and it becomes very hard for the institution to convince people about its effectiveness.

  1. Service

Ultimately, services rendered by any particular course are the reflection of how the course is doing among the ones indulging in it. It is the basis of the premiumisation of any particular course.

  1. Experience

Premiumisation also depends on the level of experience of a particular service. The sideways practice of a service includes insubstantial constituents such as the number of existing time and period.

From the above discussion, it is clear that it is not easy to premiumise a course always as it depends on a number of factors. So, it is important for the services, which also include comprehensive itineraries like the TESOL certification courses, to keep a check on the aforementioned points while offering it to the existing as well as potential candidates so that they can have a good understanding about whether the course is a premium one or not, thus restoring congeniality between the student and the course.

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