Skills Required for Teaching English as a Foreign Language Successfully


Let’s face it: English is without any doubt, the universal language. It’s the dominant language for global communication and business. And knowing English has become a prerequisite even for those who belong to non-native English speaking countries. With that said, it is pretty obvious that the demand for TEFL teachers is increasing at a fast pace. Many institutes are offering TEFL course in Delhi and you can enroll in such a course in Delhi. Apart from a TEFL certificate, few necessary skills ensure your success as a TEFL teacher. Want to know the secret? Take a look:

1. Form a Genuine bond with the students
Teachers who care about the students can have a significant impact on their behaviour, motivation, and attitude. Such students work harder and learn faster. The student-teacher relationship is a major factor in TEFL teaching.

2. Understand the cultural background of the students
As a TEFL teacher, you will get students from different cultural background. When you acknowledge those differences, you get easily accepted into the school environment. It’s only when the student feels valued, he or she feels apt to assimilate into the English-speaking environment and acquire language skills.

3. Learn various approaches to teaching language
You will be handling culturally and linguistically diverse students as a TEFL teacher. So, the instructions you deliver must incorporate a broad range of learning approaches and formats. For that, you always have to update yourself. From short workshops on language to online classes, learn from as many sources as you can.

4. Understand the individual needs of the students
While you can easily assess the students by their language proficiency and their educational background; you must also focus on the individual student. Be it in the areas of reading, writing, listening, or speaking, focus on each student’s functional English proficiency level. See where he or she is facing difficulty and then offer help. This is an essential skill to become a successful teacher.

5. Learn to engage your students
Engaging the students inside and outside the classroom is an essential skill. Encourage them to involve in community-based activities, make friends, students who engage in extracurricular activities outside the classroom have broad language acquisition abilities.

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