Take a cup of kindness yet for times gone by

All around the world this time, teachers and students will be on a holiday for a few days, getting the much-deserved break. As we count down the final days of 2017, teachers take the initiative to remind students that the gift of togetherness is one that is always well-received.

New hope, opportunity and promise: Much like the start of a new calendar year, the start of a new school year offers great hope, opportunity and promise.

  • Indian teacher abroad offers global students the opportunity to consider and learn about the multicultural traditions practiced in our society.
  • Initiate a study amongst your global learners about the myriad social connections – from questioning how calendars have developed, analysing celebrations across boundaries, making a personal commitment to improve the community in some way.

The value of traditions: As a teacher inculcating the values of traditions and ushering new things as part of their year ahead, be a role model for your students.

  • When they will see you follow your resolutions, they will do the same.
  • When they see you working hard for your goals, they will do the same.
  • They will learn about perseverance and diligence knowing that good hard work pays off.
  • Reward your students as a part of the celebration for following their resolutions which will motivate them and simply make them happier for the coming days.
  • Typically traditional New Year celebrations involve students saying goodbye to the events of the year past, and welcoming a new year that holds much promise.
  • Enable your learners as you teach ESL abroad to relish the opportunity to count down the final moments of the year and welcome an exciting New Year full of opportunities and fresh beginnings.
  • Global students recognize the ways in which they can use the fresh beginning of a new year to work as active global citizens by making resolutions that involve community-based civic action.

The unique celebrations that unite all globally: Although many nations celebrate the arrival of a New Year in similar fashions, others have unique traditions. Some communities celebrate the New Year with bells, some do it by observing a moment of silence, and others do it with customs designed to bring nothing but good luck in the coming year.

  • Cultural ways and traditions play a big part in how and when the New Year is celebrated.
  • Traditions, or customs that are passed down from generation to generation, range from writing New Year’s letters to cracking open the bubbly, to watching elaborate displays of fireworks.
  • Thus, as you teach ESL abroad, you devote time to teaching about holidays and New Year celebrations, which often involve powerful, personally relevant topics for young learners.
  • Teachers work upon methodologies to engage students with rich social studies content, including history, sociology, geography and citizenship.
  • By cultivating a deeper awareness and understanding of traditions practiced across the globe, students develop knowledge of diverse cultures thus enabling them to make global connections.

On a happy note, let’s say goodbye to the year gone by and welcome the coming year with good cheer. With more power to knowledge and learning.

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