TEFL and Travelling go hand in hand

‘Don’t be a tourist, be a traveller’. This has to be your favourite quote if you love travelling far and wide, to the lengths and breadths of the world. It is mentally enlightening as well as rewarding. But you know what’s more rewarding? Being an English teacher abroad and earning bucks while travelling to your dream destinations. A TEFL course can set some achievable career goals for you to follow which most people can only dream about at same time allows you to explore the varied cultures and places across the world while earning. Planning a trip is mentally demanding. But when you work abroad, you don’t really need to plan for your next trips. If you can dream them, they just happen! A TEFL course makes sure you meet these standards as an EFL/ESL teacher. It feels really privileged to be presented with such an opportunity to work from corner to corner of the world and to travel to any place that your mind desires. There is a fine line between visiting a country or a region as a tourist/traveller and to be there as a professional EFL/ESL teacher. Other than doing your job (teaching English to non native speakers), you get a lot to learn, explore and awe about. The ‘culture shock’ you get is pretty exciting though. You get to learn a lot more about the country and will be able to explore its culture while your stay as a teacher.

A TEFL course will prepare you to teach the non-native learner of any age and paves way for a number of career options. Moreover, travelling will widen your mind and broaden your horizons and one of its main advantages is that you can get away from all kinds of daily responsibilities and duties or from your dull life. With a TEFL course achieving high quality skills is quite obvious that will pave the way for excellent job prospects. The demand for certified EFL/ESL teachers will only increase with time, and that will provide the scope to travel across the globe. You just need to have adaptability factors within you to dedicate yourself to such a profession. Your ability to adapt to a new place, environment and culture where the language, tradition and religion are totally different from your native country will help you in exploring the country and challenging your limits.

Qualified EFL/ESL teachers willing to earn good packages often target countries like China, South Korea and Japan where there is a high demand. Gulf countries are not lagging behind and are keen to hire professionally TEFL trained teachers and trainers for ample teaching jobs in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah etc. Thailand also has become a sought after destination for TEFL certified teachers. The age of globalization is making the Asian countries like Japan, South Korea and Vietnam aware of the need to be equipped with the knowledge of English and English communication skills for their expansion in the corporate world and building a bridge with global market. So, a TEFL certification not only provides you with an international job, but also gives the chance to travel the world, hand in hand with your career.

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