TEFL course in Kerala – one of the popular in-class TEFL destinations in India

For professionals looking for an international career in teaching and training may opt for a TEFL course in Kerala(Kochi), the breathtakingly beautiful city located in the Indian peninsula. Situated in the state of Kerala, Kochi (formerly known as Cochin) is also known as “the Gateway to Kerala” and is replete with historical buildings and architecture. Kochi was originally a town which has now outgrown its boundary into its adjoining areas. The city is one of the most popular tourist destinations of Southern India, majority of who are foreigners.

Why pursue TEFL from Kochi?

In class TEFL courses are best suitable for those aspirants who along with learning the latest ESL/EFL teaching methodologies also are interested to explore a city about which they have very less or no knowledge. By enrolling for a TEFL course in Kerala, you will get to explore the city of Kochi and also learn about its rich history and culture. A cosmopolitan city by nature, Kochi comprises of a mixed population of people belonging from different religious practices. Such as the Hindus, Christians, Muslims, etc. Kochi has witnessed immigration from all nationalities from time immemorial – right from the Syrian Christians, Jews to the Arab merchants, followed by the Dutch, Portuguese, French and finally the British, apart from the native Indians from various states. Due to this, Kochi has an interesting mix of history and culture that is quite varied and diverse. In recent times, it has been found that there is a considerable population of expatriates who have settled in Fort Kochi, thereby proving that the city indeed accommodates all. Another advantage of pursuing an in-class TEFL course from the picturesque Indian city of Kochi is that English is more commonly used here than in other parts of the country. Hence for candidates belonging from various parts of the world will find it easier to communicate with the people here and also look for job opportunities after the completion of the TEFL program.

Benefits of pursuing an in-class TEFL course

As you enrol for an in-class TEFL course, you not only learn the ESL/EFL teaching methodologies from the qualified trainers in the class, but also get to experience many first hand incidents and activities that you will find beneficial as you become a teacher yourself and conduct classes for the learners. In class TEFL courses also comprises of peer teaching where you showcase your teaching approaches before your peers/co-candidates and they evaluate your style and approach towards teaching and point out your improvement areas. Practicum classes are also a part of the in-class TEFL programs where the candidates are taken to local schools for Teaching Practice sessions where they put into practice their teaching knowledge and classroom management techniques that they have acquired throughout the course of the program and get practical experience of teaching students in a classroom. Also as you pursue your TEFL course from a particular location, you also get acquainted with their lifestyle, their interests and culture. Hence trying to start your career from that city also becomes easier.

Think no more! Come to Kochi and build your international teaching career in EFL/ESL.

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