TEFL Course Online or TEFL In-Class Course: Which One Should You Go For?

A TEFL course is one of the most comprehensive courses which require the learners to go through a lot of rigorous hours of studying and concentrating. This course can be pursued through TEFL course online as well as TEFL in-class course and are effective in catering to the development of the concerned students into the professionals of tomorrow. However, there has always been a tussle between the benefits derived from the online as well as the offline courses regarding which is the better way to learn the nuances of TEFL so that they can be utilised efficiently for the development of the next generation TEFLers. In the following lines, we will discuss about the various merits and demerits of the online and offline TEFL courses and how they tend to influence the learners and cater to their development.

Why is TEFL important?

TEFL is important, in fact, a must for the aspirants who are willing to make a career in teaching while travelling to other countries or in their own countries. The TEFL certification not only puts a seal on the fact that the certified person is qualified enough to develop the future of the students under their tutelage but also enlightens them with the various nuances of student as well as class management. However, not everyone can pursue the in-class TEFL course hence the online TEFL course comes in for their rescue. But which course is better in terms of student satisfaction and development. Let’s have a look.

We are adjudging the effectiveness of these two types of courses in terms of the following points.

  1. Flexibility

In terms of flexibility, the TEFL course online offers more to the candidates rather than the TEFL in-class course. The learners pursuing an online course can have the privilege of doing it as per their own convenience, which is ideal for a working professional. The future TEFLers consist of a number of people who are looking for a mid-life career change and TEFL can play a major role in leading them on their desired path. So, in terms of flexibility, an online course can be a better option for the TEFL learners, both aspiring and also those who are looking for a mid-life career change. Besides, for the students who stay in places where they are unable to access the in-class TEFL courses, they have to pursue the online course, which once again establishes the fact that online courses provide more flexibility to such students.

An in-class course, on the other hand, has a time constraint, which is not always conducive for the working professionals and this is where the online mode is deemed to be effective.

  1. Cultural Influence

An online course does not help the candidates to get acquainted with each other as well as with the cultural influence of the place where the course is done. An offline/in-class course, on the other hand, helps the learners to get immersed in the culture of a new place. The students can also get to know about each other, which is important for TEFL aspirants, who should have a taste of the different cultures as they are supposed to travel and teach.

  1. Cost

An online TEFL course generally costs less when compared with the in-class/offline course. The in-class TEFL course provides the students with physical study materials while the online course is one which helps the students to learn the basics of TEFL at a lower cost. It is to be remembered that in a number of countries, most students don’t have the affordability to join an in-class TEFL course, which tends to be expensive. The online course can be the best option to consider in this situation.

  1. Job Assistance

This is something which is very important for the students to consider before they choose a TEFL course. It is essential for them to consider a TEFL course, which provides job assistance on the successful completion of the course curriculum. After all, the TEFL course is the gateway to a bright career for the candidates enrolling into it and that goes for both the online as well as the in-class modules. So, the candidates need to be careful and do their research well while choosing a TEFL course and develop a better future as a TEFL educator.

  1. Time effective

The TEFL course online helps the candidates to pursue it as per their convenience. Generally, a standard TEFL course has a bare minimum requirement of 120 hours of persuasion, which can be done by the students according to their willingness. A major chunk of the TEFLers belongs to the category of working professionals, which makes it difficult for the candidates to pursue an in-class course which is bound by a time constraint. So it can be said that the online course is a better option for people who have other commitments while candidates having no such bindings can apply for the in-class course.

From the aforementioned comparison, it can be said that both the TEFL course online and the TEFL in-class course have their own advantages as well as demerits. However, both the modules offer the same kind of impact for the candidates and are equally effective in the development of their career. So, it depends on the candidates as they are the best ones to decide which module, online or offline, of a TEFL course, will suit them better and cater to their development. This is applicable for both the aspiring TEFL educators as well as the ones who are looking for a mid-life career change.

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