TEFL Teachers: How to Teach English in a Creative Way that Delivers Results

Teaching English as a foreign language demands creativity. Why? Because dissecting the language, getting deep down into its grammatical aspects might turn the classroom session boring. While adults learning the language can still get through it; but, imagine teaching the language to a bunch of nursery kids! If you do not make your class interesting, your students will definitely doze off!

So, what’s the secret to making your classes enjoyable and creatively teach English? Let’s dive in:

  1. Use Language Apps

Language apps such as Duolingo can go a long way in creatively teaching the English language. Your students will definitely have access to smartphones (if they are adults) for accessing such apps. These apps give you game-like language sessions, and as you clear one hurdle, you unlock a new set of skills and activities. With each level, the difficulty increases. You can assign these sessions as an extra-credit activity or as homework to make learning entertaining and meaningful.

  1. Make a “Smart” choice

Often, the students might feel inhibited about interacting in classroom settings. Many might lack the right word choice. Interactive blackboards or smartboards can help in getting through the problem. With smartboards, you can track responses and learnings of your students. Moreover, you can sync your lessons with sound and video clips, and images. In this way, you can model pronunciation and demonstrate real life language scenarios in class. What more? These boards are multisensory that incorporates sound, touch, and visual elements to make your class much productive and interesting.

  1. Get Social

Social media is a great platform for creating online classroom community, providing multiple avenues of communication. You can engage in simple lesson sessions by encouraging social sharing and discussions. For example, encourage sessions like “word or the day” or “Idiom of the Day” in the social discussions. Also, the students will get used to the popular acronyms used in social media communication. This will break the monotony and help create a relaxed learning environment.

  1. Arrange interactive sessions

If you still haven’t tried this, try it today. Start sessions such as pronunciation sessions, drama sessions, movie sessions. The idea is to use audio-visual media, images, and music to sustain the activities. Give your students majority of control. Let them use the media as they want, plan activities and discussions. The idea is to engage them and make them use the language as much as possible.

Planning your strategies, creative activities and sessions well in advance can help you get the most out of your classes. You can share the ideas with your fellow teachers and get inputs from students to make the sessions meaningful and engaging.

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