Why Accreditation is so important in TEFL courses?

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Would you mind investing in a course which will consume all of your money and time and won’t even recognise your efforts by rewarding you with a certificate? That’s too mean and definitely, you won’t invest a single penny in them. Unfortunately, reality looks more complex with many educational hubs claiming to certify learners with a proper certificate. But fail to do so, resulting in fraudulent cases. It is here, accreditation becomes very important. And it is not just for the one course but the same is applicable for ones considering for TEFL courses.

Questions That Triggered Some Objectives

So let’s find out everything related to the significance and relevance of accreditation. But before answering this question we need to understand the very concept of accreditation. We intend to discuss the topic by covering the following,

  • What is accreditation?
  • How is accreditation helpful?
  • What are the pitfalls of doing a course from an institution which does not offer an accreditation?
  • Finally, how far a TEFL accreditation is relevant and essential to any learner pursuing the TEFL courses?

These are some generic questions that must be rolling inside your mind the moment you click to unread the blog post. Just thought to intrude inside your mind by answering to all your queries one at a time…

  1. Meaning of the term Accreditation :

The whole idea of accreditation is extremely significant to any educational body or institute offering any kind of educational courses – irrespective of the span, fee structure or curriculum. It is a legitimate and mandatory format that should strictly be followed by any of institute. The basic objective is to meet some of the standard norms accorded in a legitimate way so as to deliver quality services and summon to all the necessary levels. Simply, one can confer that accreditation ensures conformity to the delivery of quality services.

  1. Accreditation, a helping tool :

Aiming to serve on the quality norms, accreditation has its own benefits. It aids people as a resource tool. It must be noted that any legitimate organisation should abide by some of the norms mentioned in the terms and conditions of any accreditation. This is to ensure proper quality services. And to make sure the quality is being considered, a proper investigation by external forces – the autonomous quality controlling bodies are ensured.

  1. Know the reliable bodies :

With fakes in store, one should be aware of the institutions which are significant. Such bodies are reputable and reliable. Say, some institution is claiming to offer best TEFL certification in Bangkok, like that of Asian College of Teachers. But how much reliable are they?

  1. Just to confirm, they are authorised centre for Cambridge Teaching Knowledge Test. The name Cambridge says it all – across India, the Cambridge TKT exam is held which definitely shapes an individual’s knowledge of English.
  2. Another important part of the organisation is the course has strictly been endorsed by the UK Training Qualifications. Given the prestige, this organisation has one can actually pursue any of the courses endorsed by them blindly. Not only are they British Awarding body which makes sure all the evaluation and assessment processes of courses are jotted properly.
  3. Needless to say, that the TESOL Canada happens to be another significant pillar that makes people relies on pursuing any TEFL courses in and around Bangkok or beyond the city. Basically, certificate accreditated by the autonomous body is admired because of the presence of a group of educators, an association of TESOL teachers, TESOL instructors, Board of Federal Directors and also of the Provincial Representatives across Canada. They include both the national and international representatives which will benefit the learners suiting their investments and time effort.

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