Why TEFL Course India Fits Your Bucket-List When You Have Plans to Go Abroad

By the time you reach the last round of your school education, you must be already determined about what’s your next best plan. With an aspiration in your mind that ‘I have to go abroad as a teacher’ or “I have to build a professional career in abroad” many of you might take different subjects of your choice for pursuing your higher studies. Well, here are few reasons why you must choose TEFL course India in your bucket list to reach overseas countries:

Talking about pursuing a teaching career in abroad first:

Right at the nick of time when your final dream to go abroad is on the verge of getting fulfilled you might see you don’t have an international teacher training certificate.

“Now that doesn’t sound cool!”

That’s why you need a certificate from TEFL course India to act well in advance. An international certificate on teacher training program will give you an easy access for nabbing your visa to teach foreign language abroad if you are looking for a career as an international teacher.

Benefits of having a degree on TEFL course India:

Malaysia welcomes teachers with TEFL certificate

Just like many other Asian countries Malaysia is one of the best places where TEFL certified teachers are in great demand. Most of the universities and schools based in Malaysia always look around for teaching faculties who can teach and speak in English. The candidates with TEFL degree can easily get their entry pass without much hurdle. On the top of that if you have a PG degree or a master’s degree then that’s an additional benefit. After all, those degrees are the additional requirements, often some of the universities seek from the newbie teachers.

Grabbing a better salary package

Unless you are thinking that “Ewwww… Asian countries….OMG, the pay may not be as good as any European universities… should I chuck the plan”?

Now that’s a mistake I must say. If I were you, I would have never thought about it. Nowadays most of the schools located in Asian countries are affiliated to the European syllabus based curriculum where English plays a very pivotal role. Many subjects like chemistry, maths, physics and a few pivotal subjects are being taught in English. And, “trust me the salary scale is just the double maybe triple also than any average pay scale of a teacher In India.

So by now, you must have realised why your international teaching degree as a TEFL teacher is your trump card to increase your grade pay if you have plans to teach a foreign language abroad?

Travel to earn or earn to travel? What should you say?

Apart from Malaysia, there are other countries like Thailand, Bangkok Indonesia where TEFL teachers are in high demand nowadays. The salary scale being fairly high in most of the universities and international schools, most of the teachers look forward to settling down in those countries after getting such a salary package.

“Tempting opportunity right?”

“Now why would someone think of getting hitched to any other country those who are looking ahead to build a career as a TEFL teacherto earn more and travel to different countries as a teacher?”

Coming to the professional career now

Apart from regular private schools or international private schools, there is a lot of opportunity waiting for you if you want to speed up your professional career. Nowadays Asian countries have a significantly large market for international trade and commerce. Most of the MNC’s and corporate companies prefer candidates with fluency in English to join their organisation.

Great opportunities for corporate trainers

Seldom known in India corporate training has become one of the most well-known professions today. Candidates with the eligibility of knowing English as foreign language i.e. EFL are often offered a good pay scale. Every corporate company require corporate trainers nowadays to improve and refine their existing resources. One such skill enables their employee base to adopt the steady changes in a corporate work atmosphere pretty fast. If you are looking for one such career then a certificate on speaking English as a foreign language always fetch extra benefit for you.

Getting a TEFL degree is easy nowadays

“You must be thinking how to get a TEFL certificate if you are only a few yards away from getting your permit visa to reach overseas countries either as a teacher to teach foreign language abroad or as a corporate employee to maximise your professional career opportunities”.  

“After all, if you aim high to shoot an arrow towards the sky you might shoot a star”. A certificate on knowing English as a foreign language is one such arrow when you aspire to turn your dream into reality.

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