Why TEFL English Is Important To Teach Maritime Indonesian Tyros?

Oral communication is vital for any occupational sector, especially because every sort of work activities require people within the work atmosphere converse amongst each other. This would impact their workplace performance. Today, prior to the maritime industry, maritime students of Indonesia need to speak English. That’s a mandatory language they must know. And Indian teachers who are willing teaching career abroad must note on the online TEFL courses in India.

But why are we so concerned:

  1. Understanding the case of Maritime Students:

Indonesia has its own official language Bahasa and just because the trainers need to travel a lot they need to adopt English. Fluency in English speaking is a must and crucial factor for the maritime student who would be travelling across the borders and needs to communicate effectively with multiple industries.

teach English abroad online

Effective speaking would take place if they are confident and comfortable to use the words and express themselves in a logical form. In short, their communication system should be sound and clear so that these maritime students can communicate with the seafarer or sailors hailed in other parts of the world.

  1. What would happen if they lack effective communication?

Today, if you lack the comfort of confidence to communicate with others then you would create a disturbance within your performance level and hamper the business dealings as well. Say, you don’t have a clear sentence construction in English and drop an email, chances of errors will be more.

  • Miscommunication will hamper you to converse in English while appearing before the job interview. Thus poor English communication level impacts in an increased level of unemployment.
  • Presently, English has been integrated be introduced into the curriculum in almost every stage of the education system in Indonesia. Hence, specific instructional strategies are adopted by the teacher to address the specific discipline of education.
  1. Why Learn TEFL:
  • Basically, Indians, even though are aware of the English language, thanks to the British rule that deeply impacted in our official way of speaking and learning. But then too, at the global forum, we are treated as non-native speakers.
  • Primarily, because the way we, Indians speak – the delivery, choice of words, expressions are different than the pronunciation levels used by the native speakers – back in UK or USA. These differences are noticeable.
  • This automatically creates an inclination to prefer the natives by employers over the non-natives. Therefore, your wish to teach English abroad online would come to reality if you have a mandatory TEFL certification.
  1. Things to Learn in TEFL:
  • TEFL offers different hourly courses to suit the teaching levels of different students.
  • A different instructional strategy, lesson plan followed by grammar and words are chosen if teaching the younger ones.
  • Comparatively a different mode is adopted when dealing with the business professionals.
  • Suppose the learners are adults and are at the corporate level, then as trainers you are to keep those business etiquettes in mind.
  • The client needs analysis part is greatly covered by the teachers – they would here play the role of facilitators, counsellors etc.

Again, use of role-playing makes the learning both interesting as well as interactive.

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  1. Well informed case-analysis. I really enjoy going through the blog posts, keep the good work.

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