Career Opportunities with TESOL or TEFL

Career Opportunities with TESOL or TEFL

The TESOL certification is the beginning to an outstanding teaching career - a profession that not only brings job satisfaction, but also a scope to reinvent oneself as a guide and mentor. For an aspiring teacher it is an inspiring profession while those who are changing their career course mid-life, it is a far cry from the cut-throat corporate competition that saps into the core of one's life. The quality of life changes for the better, while there is still a satisfactory pay packet to lead a quantitatively good life.

TESOL is the acronym for Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages and TEFL encompasses Teaching English as a Foreign Language. These are international training programs applicable for those looking for world- class teaching/training opportunities in places around the world.

Teach and Travel with TESOL

TESOL is not only a passport to teach, travel and touch lives, but also provides a breakthrough for those who want a change in their careers.

A TESOL certified teacher can find jobs in schools, colleges, universities as well as in language institutes and corporate houses. With English becoming the lingua franca across the globe and ASEAN gaining grounds in the Asian continent, English as a language for communication is increasing in everyday commerce. This provides opportunities as Communicative Language Teachers and Trainers in Language Schools and in Corporate Houses as Commercial language trainers and Soft skill trainers.


TEFL programs are for the countries where English is not the primary language and not spoken widely on a day to day basis- like China, Russia, Brazil and France among other countries. Whereas TESOL is a general name for the field of teaching English and it is applicable all over the world.

A TESOL certification is a must for teachers who want to teach in countries which are endorsing English as a language for commerce and communication. With English becoming globally accepted, the demand for English teachers is increasing all over the world. In this context, TESOL prepares a person to adapt to the teaching methods, teaches skills and helps to connect to the classroom scenario through lectures and practicum.

Teachers across the globe have benefited from the course as it is a comprehensive course that practically applies the methods in direct classroom situations and prepare the teachers to anticipate the various challenges that crop up in the class and offer relatable solutions. TESOL not only acquaints the aspirants with the techniques to teach English as a new language, but also works at transforming the persona of a teacher - thereby building confidence and polishes the teacher's presence in classroom.

The varied TEFL/TESOL job prospects come with the perks such as free accommodation , job-permit , visa assistance , accident insurance , end contract bonus ( after one year) and numerous other career incentives. TESOL is truly the stepping stone to an enriching international teaching life.


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