10 Common Problems Faced By Learners In An Online TEFL Diploma Course

Every course, whether online or offline, includes learners with different mentalities and thinking process. At times, it becomes a little problematic for the teacher to understand the need of the learner, especially in a comprehensive course like the online TEFL diploma course, which puts the learner and the educator in face-to-face conversations on most occasions. Teaching English as a second language is always a challenge to people who are from a country who don’t primarily use English as a medium of communication and there are certain problems that arise very commonly during such online classes. These problems have been depicted in the following lines along with the ways to keep them aside so that the educator and the learners could attain the best possible result out of their cumulative efforts.

Here are ten problems and their solutions that might arise during an online TEFL diploma course.

  1. Over dependence on the teacher

It is a common thing that during the TEFL online classes, a number of participants become over-dependent on the teachers. This happens mostly in cases where the learner is fairly new and is exposed to the nuances of a completely new language. In this case, the teacher needs to pay attention to the detailed areas of improvement for the particular learner and help him/her gain confidence to tackle the curriculum related problems according to his/her own capabilities.

  1. Usage of first language

TEFL is a course which deals with the study of English as a second language. However, it is often seen that the learners tend to converse in the first language with the teacher and among themselves, which might be detrimental in their way to become proficient in English. In this case, the teacher needs to take steps in helping the learners understand the language in a better way and make sure that they use English as a part of their daily activities.

  1. Eradicate distractions

There are a number of reasons in an online course which distract the learners from divulging into the course completely. These distractions need to be eradicated for the successful completion of the course, helping both the learners and the educators to meet on a feasible end point.

  1. Hijacking of lessons

At times, students are at fault of hijacking lessons, which means that the course is actually going in another way rather than its final destination, i.e., the end point of the course. The educator needs to be careful of not committing this mistake so that the delivery of the course curriculum can be done by channelizing the conversation in a prescribed way.

  1. The personality of the student

At times, the biggest detriment in the proper completion of the learning course is the attitude or personality of the learner divulging in the particular course. In this case as well, the teacher needs to take ownership of the problem and change the attitude of the learner to help him complete the course successfully.

  1. Wrongdoing

The learner, in a new course, is unsure of what to do, especially in the initial stages. It is up to the teacher to help him tread on the right path that leads to the successful completion of the course curriculum, otherwise this can turn out to be a big problem for both the educator and the learner.

  1. Unmotivated students

There are a number of students who are inattentive and unmotivated at times in a class and the teachers need to identify. The monotony of the course curriculum, even in the case of online courses, might be a major reason for this problem and the educator needs to take corrective measures and motivate the student in the right way for the completion of the course curriculum.

  1. Distraction

At times, the learner, who is even the best in performance, might get distracted due to certain reasons. The educator needs to identify that and make sure that the student does not get distracted and keep proper track of the course curriculum.

  1. Unprepared or underprepared learner

The learner can be unprepared or underprepared regarding a particular curriculum of the course even after taking regular classes. It is also up to the teacher to assess how unprepared he/she is and take adequate measures to help the student understand the course curriculum properly and get full knowledge about the particular curriculum.

  1. Incorrect way to apprehend the course

The understanding of the right way to apprehend the course curriculum is a must for a learner. If not taken care in a proper way, it might affect the mentality of the teacher negatively and turn out to be a detriment in the path of course completion.

The aforementioned problems are the common ones faced by a number of teachers among their learners during a comprehensive course, such as the online TEFL diploma course. Studying TEFL might be a challenge for the learners indulging in the course. However, the eradication of the aforementioned problems could help in proper completion of course curriculum.

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