2020 Updated Guide: Everything You Need to Know About Teaching English in Vietnam

Due to various major reasons such as the captivating civilization, vivid markets, tropical environmental condition, friendly people and so on, teaching English in Vietnam has become quite popular. Moreover, Vietnam is also occupied with some beautiful landscapes, great food along with a low cost of living. This under-rated and oftentimes unnoticed destination, Vietnam has a lot to offer to the potential TEFL educators.

The ESL job market in Vietnam is quite strong and challenging; however, there are also the ever exploding demands for the proficient ESL teachers in smaller cities and towns. With a flourishing economy, most of the teaching English positions are placed in major cities generally.

Types of Teaching English Jobs in Vietnam  

Being one of the top-most ESL destinations in 2020, you will find teaching opportunities in Vietnam in abundance. Vietnam’s cities as well as towns are full of language schools, especially in the large cities like Hanoi or Ho Chi Min City; these language schools remarkably offer lots of workshops, training, and managerial meetings for new teachers.

You may also find great ESL jobs in different international schools in Hanoi or Ho Chi Min City, providing a great teaching environment and lots to look into. However, these teaching positions often demand a few years of prior teaching experience.

The private English classes are another option for you, whether you do it face-to-face or online. The primary asset of private teaching is that you have a lot more flexible teaching schedule and also have the opportunity to make more money per hour.

In the era of digitalization, teaching English online has become popular and the need has become unsurprisingly abundant.

What are the Requirements for Teaching English Jobs in Vietnam?

Requirements to teach English in Vietnam are quite indulgent, yet there are still competitive teaching English jobs in Vietnam for folks interested in making a real living. Before learning the details, please keep in mind the fact that each of the educational institutions has their own different criteria; however, the most common requirements have been given below:

  1. A Bachelor’s Degree
  2. Clear Health Check Record
  3. Police Check from the last 180 days
  4. CV
  5. Valid Passport

Plus point is you can become a teacher in Vietnam without even being a native English speaker. As long as you meet all the legal requirements, you can get work permission and a position as an English teacher.

Visa Requirements for Teaching English Jobs in Vietnam

You will require a visa to get into Vietnam even if you don’t have a teaching job yet; you can arrive here on a three-month tourist visa and do your job search. Usually, your employer helps with the essential paperwork after you’ve been hired and signed a written agreement. The cost of visa depends on the type and the duration of your stay.

Need to Know: Facts

Well, the cost of living here is quite low; also, food in Vietnam is exceedingly inexpensive. Hence you can easily save your hard-earned money and at the same time lead a comfortable life. Vietnam is considered to be one of the safest countries in the world, the crime rate being impressively low.

You can search for jobs Vietnam in internet as well as in the social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and some specific English teaching groups. You can self-introduce yourself and send an application for the position; the recruiters will contact you if they find you fit for the position.

Vietnam is one of Asia’s largest and fastest growing nations right now and it is also one of the large markets for the ESL teachers. Moreover, guess what… Vietnam has low cost of living+good salaries = good standard of living. A typical first-time ESL teacher in Vietnam can earn the equal of around 1,000 U.S. dollars a month. Contrasting some other major Asian metropolises, Saigon and Hanoi have reserved much of their ancient charisma with the architectural inheritance of the French, who colonized the nation during the 19th century.

Let’s Recap QUICKLY –

As an ESL teacher in schools, you will be accountable for managing all the classroom activities with an endeavour to promote English communication among the learners. You will also work as an advisor by providing feedback and monitoring their performance. As ESL teachers are high in demand here, hence, securing a TEFL course certification helps you get a better job and sets you apart from the non-TEFL qualified candidates, enhancing your chances of getting hired to a great extent.

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