5 Best Countries or Places to Teach English without a College Degree

Yes, you can absolutely teach English in a foreign country without a college degree. However, it is true that teaching English abroad without a college degree can be challenging, though, it is not impossible. Just don’t get disheartened by the ‘no college degree’ question. If you are passionate and you have the skills to give English teaching abroad a shot, then no one will be able to stop you!

Before diving in, ask these questions to yourself first:

  • Are you fluent in English? If not, then work it out!
  • Do you have a passion for teaching English overseas?
  • Are you comfortable in staying away from home? (As it will take time)
  • Have you checked the age requirements?
  • What about the Visa formalities?

See, these are the basic questions that comes to mind whenever we think of this demanding career. Yes, of course, there are countries that due to their strict visa and government restrictions may require you to have a diploma or a college degree, and sometimes even teaching experience as well. There are other grand countries out there all over the globe that do not requires a college degree but you have to be TEFL/TESOL or any equivalent certified. With this certification, your chances of getting a decent ESL job will be just increased and the locations list will also be immense.

When you will settle down in a foreign country, a secure income will always help you in adjusting to a completely new cultural development that you will go through. This will come with the right qualifications – TEFL Certification! Additionally, any classroom experience will also place you in good stead quite obviously. Here are 5 awesome places that don’t need a college degree to teach English:

Costa Rica

If you’re a TEFL graduate, then Costa Rica will present you with a great opportunity to teach English. TEFL is required as the people in Costa Rica are quite serious and strict about learning English, thus the demand for the ESL teachers is growing with time. By meeting all their criteria, you can find great teaching opportunities at private institutions or public schools, kindergartens or even the universities provided you have enough of teaching experience. With a low cost of living, you will get the chance to experience the incredible beaches, eye-catching volcanoes as well as blossoming rain forests.


Another fine place for people like you! The demand is growing, and they are the friendliest and warmest people. We all know that the place is best-known for the magnificent Angkor Wat temple. You can find your teaching opportunities in the capital, Phnom Penh, Siem Reap and so on. Schools in Cambodia hire all year round and a TEFL certification is highly recommended to stay ahead of your competitors. Usually, most of the recruiters offer lodging facilities, visa, sometimes even pay for your flights and offer transportation to and from school BUT that depends on the institute.


Well, quite surprising right? Well, Kazakhstan’s cities are well capable of dealing with tremendous temperature; you will also discover people are very friendly and welcoming. Of course, there are ample opportunities for your career. More significantly, you don’t essentially need a bachelor’s degree to get hired here. Generally, schools in Kazakhstan employ all year round and in Kazakhstan there are ESL opportunities for teaching adults or children.


The demand for English teachers in Russia is so strong that you can be hired without a college degree. Undoubtedly, Russia is one of the most attractive and energetic nations in Europe. By enrolling in a TEFL course, you’ll achieve the important and practical ESL teaching knowledge that can instantly help in securing your goal to teach and travel. Russians are famous for their warm hospitality and good humour.


Well, with a fast-growing population, at present in Romania the demand for the English language teachers and instructors is extremely high. Romania offers great teaching opportunities for you. This unexpected yet amazing destination to teach English abroad without a bachelor’s degree should not be missed out from your list. Besides normal classroom hours, you can teach English as privately as well. Getting a little extra income has never harmed anyone, isn’t it? Without a degree you can get an ESL job here but TEFL is an added benefit.

Some significant things to consider before teaching English overseas without a college degree

  1. It is extremely necessary to speak English fluently, prepare yourself in that way
  2. It can be challenging BUT it is achievable
  3. You have to learn to be patient on how to deal with situations
  4. You also have to prepare yourself to experience a cultural jolt
  5. Get your TEFL certification today!

 Even though teaching English in a foreign country without a college degree is possible, but a TEFL certification will facilitate your English teaching skills, it will officially certify your capability in teaching the English language by adding values to your international job opportunities. You can choose your TEFL or TESOL certificate in any mode as per your requirements, be it an online TEFL diploma course or anything, just grab that certificate to fly higher. Wherever you make your mind up to teach English overseas, you can always boost your earnings by getting TEFL certified.

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