5 best tips for Mentoring an Aspiring TEFL Teacher

Mentoring an aspiring TEFL teacher is indeed a great responsibility.  It’s because as a future English language teacher, they must feel confident in expressing themselves in the classroom. Moreover, even the most confident TEFL teacher who has just completed TEFL certificate course experiences the first day jitters. And to progress in any career, including TEFL teaching, coaching and training are essential.

Now you must be wondering what could be the best possible ways to mentor an aspiring TEFL teacher or anyone pursuing TEFL course in India. Here are the secrets:

  1. Find their needs

It’s essential that the new and aspiring TEFL teachers feel valued. And that’s why, as a mentor, identifying their needs and requirements. Listen to their requests and opinions regarding teaching and try to fulfil them. In this way, they will feel confident and successful.

  1. Treat them as your colleagues

May be they have just finished their TEFL certificate course or are pursuing TEFL course in India, it’s important that you treat them with respect, just like you would with your colleagues. They may not be a certified teacher yet, but very soon they will become one. So, treat them just like your fellow teachers.

  1. Involve them

Try to engage the aspiring teachers in every activity of the school. Be it a meeting, conference, or any other activity that you may have, make sure to tag them along. If you are staying late and tutoring a student, encourage them to follow suit. This will help them gain experience, learn, and grow in the process.

  1. Let them deal with student issues

Although you can take over the situation at any time, but it’s important that the aspiring teacher learns how to handle students. Let them deal with certain situations alone. Guide them with your insights when they need.

  1. Give feedback

Be it good or bad, offer your feedback. Ask them questions and encourage them to ask you questions. Go back to the days when you were an aspiring teacher and think of everything that you wanted to learn at that time.

Above all, encourage them at every step; because, you are their mentor and role model. And you are the person they look up to for tips and advice.

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