5 Core Skills for opportunities in TESOL

As English increasingly grows as a global language, so too has the demand for English teachers abroad. With time, there is a big demand on Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL), as English has developed as a language that can overcome language boundaries and allow a broader global outreach for learners. As a trained teacher with a TESOL accreditation degree, one is armed with reaching out to learners who not only need to learn English but also reach out to the world.

As a trained TESOL teacher, one needs to be skilled in aspects which give an edge over others. TESOL has emerged as a viable career opportunity for those with flair for the language and for those who want to teach students who need to learn English apart from their native language. With the rise in the importance of teaching English to speakers of other languages, teachers need to be qualified in the teaching of the language with a TESOL accreditation.

What are the skills that teachers gain and are needed to make a difference for learners? Let’s take a look at 5 core skills needed to for TESOL career opportunities.

  • Command over English: Learning the English language is a vital developmental domain throughout the years of schooling, whatever the child’s linguistic, cultural, or social background. Teachers teaching English to speakers of other languages need to have a strong command over the language. ESL teaching method train teachers to develop the core skills that will equip them to teach and empower learners.
  • Clear diction: Diction plays a critical role in supporting the training of English language development. Beyond teaching children to read and write in school, they need to help children learn and use aspects of language associated with the course and the various subjects. They need to help them become more aware of how language functions in various modes of communication across the curriculum.
  • Patience: Teachers who are skilled at teaching English as a second language to learners need to be patient while dealing with a class full of students from diverse cultures, speaking diverse languages. The cross-socio-cultural diversities need patience to understand the students and train them accordingly.
  • Communication Skills: As teaching English as a second language has gained importance over the years, it is vital to reach out to students who do not understand the language. With the right kind of communication skills, a trained teacher becomes a master at setting tasks, getting results with minimum speech and body language. Creating opportunities for interaction is an important skill teachers need to implement.
  • An Attitude of Flexibility: A successful teacher should be flexible and open to change when things go differently than planned. The teacher needs to be aware of what is happening in the classroom and make mid-lesson alterations, if necessary. It is important be able to be flexible with students who are coming from a diverse background. Being flexible will enable teachers to move in the direction of accomplishing goals.

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