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5 Gap Year Activities that Look Great on Your ESL/EFL Resume

Generally, people think that taking a gap year is a drawback for their 21st-century educational career. However, in this contemporary educational world, universities encourage a gap year positively and companies are also happily giving jobs to candidates who take a gap year. As we all know that today’s instructive world is changing from time to time and a year out between school or college, between higher education or employment, or between higher edification and a job, this can give valuable learning knowledge. This gap year will also help career enthusiastic to pick up new skills and make them more independent with ESL certification.

Now you must be thinking what is a gap year?  Well, a ‘gap year’ is a period of time, generally an academic year, when a learner takes a break from the formal education. Most of the time, ‘gap year’ is being spent travelling or working. Gap years continue to grow in popularity and taking a gap year is much more than taking a year off.

How to safeguard these gap year activities to enhance your credentials?

Here we are sharing some of the skills that you can gain from your gap year activities:

Language Programs: We all know the fact that recruiters are looking for employees who speak two or more languages. So why don’t you make your gap year a language learning year? We live in the era of globalization and communication is progressively significant across disciplines. As an ESL/EFL teacher, often times a classroom situation may not be advantageous for learning a new language. Different kinds of Gap Year language programs allow learning more in less time which will help you in work experience placements, volunteer work, jobs, etc. There are lots of languages to select from, so if you want to learn Spanish, German, Chinese or French, there are plenty of courses.

Traveling: As an EFL/ESL teacher, you know the fact that traveling and teaching English as a foreign language abroad…both are inter-connected. If traveling feels like as something that pushes your comfort zone, then gap year adventure programs are the choice for you! As the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we travel, volunteer, work and learn, still there are adventure programs that deliver an opportunity for a really unique and meaningful experience. These gap year adventure travel programs usually offer a more organized and hands-on life-experience leaving little to no work for you. Well, pandemic or not, if you’re going for an adventure during a gap year, choosing your destination is very crucial. So, make sure you check these aspects: your language proficiency with a second language or desire to learn one more, budget including the cost of living, transportation, and program fees and the activities including work, volunteering, internships, or adventure sports you would like to take part in.

The video is sharing three ideas of things that you can do to make the most of your gap year.

Internships: Well, another way to do a gap year successfully is as an internship. It’s a perfect way to boost up your resume, as well. Starting with an overseas internship abroad is the perfect way to get international work experience. For example, if you wish for gaining work experience of a potential career path, consider applying for an international health internship. A gap year internship can offer a break from your academic career but at the same time, you still work directly towards your career development. Companies need interns to help them with their missions and are happy to have people like you on board. An internship is a great way to advance numerous life-skills without professional consequences.

Virtual Gap Years: For the pandemic, virtual gap years are rising in popularity. Learners are signing up for different online programmes via service providers’ websites and do their gap year from home. For example, an online internship in the UK may still include the chance to obtain real-life work experience with a company. Your work could encompass managing social media accounts and writing blog articles and so on. Gap Year program providers include everything from online internships to remote volunteering, all of which join you with different groups, people, and understandings that help you grow professionally.

Gap Year Influences

(Ref: https://bit.ly/3dRPSHb)

The above chart is a part of the 2015 National Alumni Survey which was undertaken by Nina Hoe, PhD, in collaboration with the Institute for Survey Research, Temple University, and the GYA Research Committee, details what our respondents cited as their most significant influences when deciding to take a gap year.

Teaching English Abroad: Well, you can try on a new career with a teaching job abroad. Or, you can go for the part time or full-time work that will let you time to travel far and deep. With such a high demand for English teachers globally, you’ll be able to earn money as you travel. However, many ESL/EFL employers expect you to hold a teaching English as a Foreign Language or a TEFL qualification – for which short teacher training courses are available. Moreover, by working in schools and different learning institutions, you’ll acquire organisational as well as communication skills in addition to teaching experience.

Now that you have a few evocative gap year ideas, it’s time to start your gap year. It is a great choice! There are a lot of things to do as you start your gap year activities and numerous gap year students like to do voluntary work. With a bit of research, work and 21st-century ESL/EFL certification, your next big adventure is just a few steps away!

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