5 Must-Know Tips to Pick the Best Online TEFL Certification

No doubt, in past decades, the demand for teaching English as a foreign language has risen. With it, we have seen the shift of end number of online TEFL course providers that lead to scams or provide very low excellence of ESL training. Without any uncertainty, selecting the right online TEFL certification can either formulate or just smash your dream of teaching English overseas.

There are quite a lot of issues for you to think about before you take the best class which will give you the right qualification. Online TEFL courses give the flexibility to learn where and when, is well-situated for you and it the investment is negligible. Well, in 2020, online TEFL is the best option because of so many reasons.

Following are some of the key points to think about:

  • Duration of Training
  • Accreditation/Authorization
  • Trainer’s Qualifications
  • Student Teaching (Teaching Practicum)
  • Support from Expert Advisors
  • Lifetime Job Search Guidance
  • Cost (of course)

You need to start with a lot of research! Try to check out different blogs, reviews, alumni networks as well as articles. Visit different ESL job board websites. Keep in mind, an educated end-user is a smarter customer, therefore the more you will be familiar with a variety of aspects of teaching English in a foreign country, the more prepared you will be to decide the best feasible TEFL certification course for you. These are the checkpoints that you should check before enrolling to an online TEFL program:

  1. Contact with Different TEFL Schools

Enquire as many questions as possible before just investing your precious time and your money. Make sure that you talk with them as a good course provider usually employs trained expert staff who can give answers to you. Ask them about the courses, placement support, and more. How many hours of training does your course include, is there any live practice teaching, who will teach your TEFL course, is there any unknown charges for book fees, registration fees, or fees for job placement support…ask all the basics.

  1. Accreditation of the TEFL Course

Universally, the basic standard of an accredited TEFL course is usually 4 weeks extended with up to 12 students along with a professionally trained instructor. Is the TEFL certification globally recognized and accredited? – You need to check. The well-known TEFL accrediting bodies embrace: TQUK, Cambridge University (CELTA), Trinity University (Trinity certificate), so make sure you check all the details.

  1. Duration of TEFL Course

It should be at least 120 hours and the minimum standard for authorization is 100 hours of academics along with 6-20 hours of live practice teaching. There are many TEFL/TESOL courses of different lengths of the curriculum now a day. However, the courses with less than 100 hours will not give you an internationally recognized certification. This might sound like a big-time investment for many people, but choosing a course with 100+ hours is the finest way to save your job opportunities after you finish your studies.

  1. Don’t Ignore the Specialized Modules

Nevertheless, recruiters hardly ever request specialized TEFL certifications but if you’re confident in where and whom you wish to teach English then doing an appropriate specialization section could boost up your teaching skills and will be an asset in interviews. Consider specializations like test grounding, business English teaching, teaching young learners, or teaching English to Mandarin (Chinese) speakers etc.

  1. Inclusive Job Search Assistance

Make sure that your course provider will provide you with free comprehensive job hunt supervision. Be sure to ask whether you will receive placement assistance before enrolling for any TEFL certification class. Ask them about the assistance with resume and cover letter development, how to interview for English teaching jobs, hiring seasons, visas, hiring requirements, and salaries and so on.

To quickly sum up, here are the 5 tips for enrolling to an online TEFL program:

  1. Contacting the course providers
  2. Accreditation
  3. Duration
  4. Specialized Course Modules
  5. Placement Assistance

 Of course, the choice is yours! You don’t have to be anxious about being picky. Sometimes, it might feel awe-inspiring at first about the number of available online TEFL certification courses but make sure that the course which you choose is genuine and will be recognized by the recruiters across the globe. If you have a positive approach, a career in English teaching is the right thing for you. Think about the points above-mentioned and you will be able to make the right decision to get your online TEFL certification plus teaching English abroad.

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