Travel Abroad Scholarships For Teach and Travel

5 Travel Abroad Scholarships For Teach and Travel

For people who are looking to have a meaningful experience overseas, fortunately, there are a lot of abroad scholarship possibilities. Before proceeding, let’s just have a look at the difference between scholarships and allowances or grants. Both scholarships and allowances or grants mean students do not need to pay the money back.

Generally, grants are need-based and often provided to young people who don’t have enough money to bear the expense of their studies. In contrast, most scholarships are presented on academic, athletic, or artistic aptitudes.

Here are 5 amazing travel abroad scholarships that will help your teaching English abroad career:

The Fund for Education Abroad (FEA)

It is well-renowned for delivering support to overseas learners who are under-represented. This group includes minority apprentices, first-gen students, and community college students and so on. They receive preference over other aspirants as an effort to make training overseas more accessible to all. However, this is limited to undergraduates only, and amounts range from $1300 – $10000.

The Benjamin A

The Benjamin A is one of the most viable travel abroad scholarships out there. This was formed with the objective to differentiate the kinds of learners that were studying overseas. Students of varied ethnic backgrounds, with substantial financial assistance needs or with disabilities, all are eligible to apply for this program!

International Volunteer HQ Scholarships

This scholarship program includes the cost of the complete IVHQ volunteer program, a TEFL course, a $1,000 flight voucher as well as travel insurance. The International Volunteer HQ is one of the principal volunteer organizations in the world, offers a number of scholarships for first-time volunteers and teachers to ease the costs of teaching English volunteering career overseas.

Golden Key Honour Society

The Golden Key Honour Society provides a number of scholarships and allowances to its members. Each year, they deliver $1,000,000 in scholarships to apprentice and graduate scholars, including those looking to study in a foreign country! This program is for those who has shown a lot of resourcefulness in his/her academics and on-campus leadership roles. Please note, application deadlines fluctuate depending on the scholarship.

AIFS Study Abroad

AIFS Study Abroad offers a record number of around $800,000 in travel overseas scholarships and grants to undergraduates that participate in AIFS programs. You can also apply for range scholarships, fiscal need-based scholarships, and a series of allowances. It is also one of the largest study overseas program benefactors in the world.

Well, some teach English abroad scholarships will entail letters of recommendation, so, start this method early to give recommenders sufficient time to craft a meaningful letter for you. Ask the organization if they offer TEFL scholarships, check out their Facebook page or website for any new announcements, and reach out in a straight line. Some are merit-based and others are need-based. With a 120-hour TEFL course online, you can get all of the necessary ESL/EFL skills and developments along with these scholarships.

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