5 best tips to prepare for an ESL job interview

Looking forward to an upcoming interview can become very stressful. Interviews without proper preparation can give sleepless nights. One need to remember that they have more to offer the world,other than the job they hold.So buck up, Prepare, try and give the best of efforts. One is sure to reap the fruits of hard labour. If an aspirant is truly passionate for the job, then it is truly meant for him/her. Interviewing methods and practicesare different for jobs related to teaching English overseas.  It varies as in some cases, one should expect for a face-to-face interview with schools in the country where they wish to teach.  In some other cases, onecan apply and interview for jobs from home, in advance.  This is quite usual for teaching jobs in the Arab Gulf countries, China, South Korea, Taiwan, and Indonesia. Also European countries like Turkey and Russia, and some Latin American countries (Chile, Colombia, and Mexico, in particular) follow the trend of conducting the interview over the phone and/or by Skype.  As it happens during any job interview, one would always want to do the best in putting their qualifications to some good use, presenting themselves as a professional and convincing theirprobable employer that they are the one who’s the best possible person for the post. Let’s look into some points as how to prepare yourself before the ‘big day’.

  • Get a TEFL Certification

A proper TEFL certification is what one need to be an English teacher abroad. In that way, one can confidently boast of his/her skills when they are questioned about their qualifications to teach professionally.


It is very likely that one should also expect to be questioned about teaching practices and experience, which they are sure to gain through an accredited TEFL course that includes live practice teaching with actual ESL students.

  • Be Flexible

Be flexible and don’t panicwithout exactly knowing where you will be going before getting on your way abroad. Applying for teaching jobs in advance will enable you to pursue numerouschances in various countries without entrusting to one.Until and unless one finds the best place that suits them.

  • Be Enthusiastic

Many people belonging to the administrative posts in ESL schools acknowledge that an enthusiastic and sociable personality is an important factor in a teacher, even than a strong understanding of grammar or a structured lesson plan. Few schools choose inexperienced teachers over experienced ones, because they are more excited to begin a new career.

  • Show your passion for teaching

It is not a matter of concern ifoneis anexperienced teacher or a fresher, what matters most is their passion for teaching.They should present examples of how you knew they always wanted to teach from an early age or how students have enhancedtheir life. Always have a smiling face with an approachable attitude, speak positive, and always have the correct body language to express ownthoughts. Always keep in mind that even if one is too exaggerated, no one will be fooled. No reason should be given to question one’s sincerity.

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