8 Convincing Tips about Certificate to Teach English Overseas

Are you finding it tough to convince your parents for pursuing teaching career abroad? But you are fixed to make it through by investing all your time, savings and effort to grab a certificate to teach English overseas. All for the love of the language, English and also to feed your travel mind. However, you simply can’t ignore the worries of your parents and beloved ones. Given the complex social affairs and an increase of uncanny situations, worry comes naturally.

Despite that, you must take precaution beforehand and at the same advance your ambition. To make that happen, you can quickly absorb these ten tips.

  1. Do a quick research on the course:

This is vital because you must be aware of the institute from whom you are to do the course. Again know about the future prospect, curriculum or benefits that are definitely the add-ons you are supposed to get after completing the program successfully. For doing this stuff prepare a list of the institutions that you might be trying from. Accordingly, the rest will fall into place.

  1. Prospectus to the rescue:

Generally, institutions provide you with a prospectus where you will get a detailed understanding of all queries. It is a structured written layout where the content gives a focus on the followings:

  1. what the program offers,
  2. how it will facilitate the students,
  3. what are the advantages,
  4. what can be the likely future objectives
  5. who are the trainers
  6. what will be the mode of learning
  7. what will be the admission procedures, exam procedures and so on
  8. Institutional recognition is primal:

Whether the educational institute is officially authorised or not becomes a vital question.  This is because it is from the institution you will be acquiring the degree. Therefore official recognition of the educational unit becomes very significant. Prior to this, accreditation is noted.

  • What’s the catch?
  • Accreditation ensures ‘the process in which the certificate of competency, authority or credibility is presented’. Without proper accreditation of the course, your course will be valueless.
  • Quality of the course is assured in this way.
  1. Ideating the global differences:

Globalisation contributed to the concept of global life by interconnecting people residing in different parts of the globe through technological innovation. Hence travelling to other places, beyond the native lands has become frequent in today’s world. That doubled the rate of immigration and streamlined the policies.

  • Basic reasons to travel:
  • Usually travelling is done to pursue higher education,
  • start a career venture or
  • Unsettle to satiate the present job venture. In cases like this, a work permit is mentioned when the visa is approved.
  1. Note on what makes the stay at ease!

Few questions that may keep wondering in your mind are in consideration to the accommodation, food and people of any state.

Accommodation – Countries like Singapore, Thailand etc have separate apartment stays for those who have stipulated work-permits.

  • It is either pre-arranged by the corporate agencies through which the person has approached the authorities of such apartment.
  • Based on your economic requirement you will get a decent stay at the student hostels, which ensures you a free meal at one quarter etc. They would also provide with the basic toiletries.
  1. Appetizers to care at!

Drawing from the above discussion food needs a special mention along with your shelter. Food makes you feel safe, it means your mind can relax and not jumble things up. Happy-go-mind gifts a relaxing soul, free from the pokes of unhealthy thoughts. Thereby you really need to sort the appetizer thing in a planned manner before travelling down.

Food – Thanks to the global spread of commercialisation, you get all you love to eat or make food of your choice. Simply this means you feel at home, because of the availability of specific condiments and spices used in your staple food. Country feeling is not really lost! Isn’t?  Meanwhile some other pros,

  • However, considering the safety issue, many education institutes have proper accommodation and food facilities within the enclosed campus circuit.
  • Additional charges will be incurred if someone is willing to follow these procedures.
  • These are safe and well protected giving a feeling of the hostel days back during the adolescence.
  • All in all, you need to have a bucket of fresh fruits, vegetables, ready to eat at least for preparing a healthy salad, for those who lack the culinary skills. Then again you can always learn
  • Well, for the foodies – grab on the Thai dishes if you are in Thailand or try the Japanese Chicken Teriyaki. And the wishlist grows more on having different flavours of flesh, or veggies or juices.
  1. Connect to the core with the people:

People A nation is built on the basis of the values, culture, heritage and perceptions of the people. It is the human essence that will make your stay at a foreign land easier. But this is a tricky one and the most unconvincing one – perhaps due to the political atrocities and chaos, families are finding it tough to say adieu to their beloved young minds. They are correct, the younger ones are precious.

Distressing factors??? Anyway, some tricks can de-stress your mind and might be slightly convincing for the parents.

  • Social media like Facebook, Twitter, Quora and LinkedIn etc are great platforms to connect with overseas people before travelling for the TEFL courses in Asia.
  • Community or groups or forums are the places whereby you can connect with people from different ethnic culture and share different interests or preferences.
  • The local inhabitants can be friendly enough to guide you through the pros and cons of your neighbourhood area. They can come up with relevant suggestions on finding the best places to stay, roam, and have food or travel.
  • At times they can be families to you if you are too lucky to be greeted by them – the moment you step out of the airport. Thereby you can feel a detailed understanding of their cultural sources – of history, clothes, festive, food. In a way pro-actively participate in the celebrations and familiarise with the way genders are being treated. By any chance you passion to Vlog around you might get some bites to share with the rest!
  • Embassies are there to look out for all your possible emergencies, keep their details and read through the guidelines beforehand for a safe and secure stay. Surely the best source of trust to travel back home safe under if any political unrest or natural calamity breaks in.
  1. Deciding on the TEFL courses:

Capturing the scenic beauties is in your mind forever, you must be well aware of your ambition as a teacher. Even though you have a love to learn the language but it is equally important for you to understand your teaching targets. That is to say,

  • Whom you intend to teach?
  • Is it going to be the corporate professionals?
  • Or are you comfortable with the little children?
  • Do you feel a connecting level with the kids?

TEFL courses would facilitate both levels of learners. This is primarily because TEFL program is designed in an online format, which defines the certificate/diploma/ pg diploma courses.

  • Chiefly, the TEFL business learner targets business professionals, corporate goers, or people in the working sector to enhance their communicational skill. It elucidates client-need analysis, syntax correction etc.
  • On the other, young learners are aimed to unlearn the basic level of English learning. This highlights on grammar, use of words, phonetics etc.

Hopefully, now you are in a position to convince the people who care you more! So relax and pack your bag for the adventure.


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