A Complete Clarity on Legitimacy of Online TEFL Courses

  • Are online TEFL certificates recognized by recruiters?
  • Just how legitimate are these cheap online TEFL?
  • How to find out which online TEFL courses are genuine?
  • Are we getting scammed?

These are the questions that somewhere we probably noticed for all the time, isn’t it? Perhaps this happens because of the fact that there is a growing number of service providers out there. No wonder people may question whether the international hiring schools will truly recognize the online certificates or not. Sometimes it can be wearisome and confusing with so many choices out there for online TEFL. It is very important to choose the right TEFL course for your plans to teach English in a foreign country.

To help you out, we have the decisive online TEFL course selection criteria list. Make sure you’re considering these criteria before opting for a course:

 An Accreditation is Essential

While opting for any online courses or programs, make sure you check the accreditation as this is the most significant thing for your certification. However, at times, it may be tough to comprehend the importance of official recognition as most of the time there is no single accrediting body for all online TEFL courses. Why accreditation is important as it lets your recruiters know that a specific certified body has reviewed your course by meeting a set of academic criterions. Accreditation also lets your recruiters to know that you officially have the training and earned a certificate that is internationally acknowledged.

Remember the Hours

While researching online TEFL options, you’ll see that they are being explained in hours, and many providers offer a range of duration from 40 to around 150 hours. Generally, the recruiters want your certificate to meet the international standard of 100+ hours of ESL training. For the most part, employers prefer TEFL courses of at least 100 hours of inclusive training on average. It usually makes no differentiation whether you complete those 100+ hours in a classroom program or an online. The single thing that matters to your recruiters is that you get those 100+ hours under your restraint. Any TEFL course that proffers less than 100 hours is just a waste of your time and capital.Hence don’t be fooled by any of the courses that offer less than 100 hours of coursework.

Ensure the Provider’s Certified Affiliations

For quite understandable reasons, you’ll want to discover a truthful provider, practiced, and legitimately dedicated to providing quality TEFL training. Try to explore how long the provider has been in the industry and with whom they are being associated. A huge number of universities and colleges offer TEFL qualifications and that’s why it is being recommended to check out their websites to get a better idea of their value. It’s highly recommended that the course that you select must include a personal tutor. The personal tutor will re-evaluate your assignments, gives you feedback on your lesson plans which are a big part of your development as an ESL teacher.

Price Tags

Is the price of your selected course so low you can’t believe it? Then don’t go for it! This is misguided. Take an inclusive, internationally accredited TEFL course that educates you about lesson planning, refreshes your English grammar, and offers individual tutor to give feedback on your effort. You will probably notice that the prices for these online courses differ by huge amounts, just when planning to make any big acquisition, make sure you check everything well.

Check out the Alumni Network

Try to check out what the graduates or alumni are saying about the course. In short, check the reviews well. Most people usually read online client reviews of the product foremost. If the alumni of that particular course provider went on to find big TEFL jobs with decent schools and institutes, then you can understand that the course is genuine. However, if there’s completely no information on alumni, then you should be aware.

One concluding word on online TEFL courses is that the industry is extremely free-for-all. That’s why it’s worth undertaking that you are doing your homework well only if you wish to get the most out of your online TEFL certification courses. Having a certificate available to offer your employers is impressive, but make sure that your online TEFL certification is easily verified by employers. Yes, the online TEFL certification is being recognized by language schools provided if that meets with all the above-mentioned criteria.

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