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Absorb And Adapt To Global Cultures

The moment you decide to move out of the comfort zones of your home country and moving abroad for pursuing a career, there are thousands of questions and apprehensions that hover around in your mind.

For starters, as a teacher who wants to teach English as a foreign language or as a language to speakers of other languages, it is important to get your priorities checked and in order.

One of the most vital things that come along with TESOL international jobs is the gaining the knowledge and experience to adapt to an entirely new culture and country.

As a trained teacher the moment you land abroad for the job in a new country, you no longer fall into the category of tourist.  You can actually live and work in another country experiencing the daily joys and dilemmas that that lifestyle will bring.

Absorbing the new culture:

Many of those who teach abroad will experience some degree of culture shock. Moving to a new and often different cultural environment makes the feeling experiencing something unknown is a very normal and real exceptional phenomenon.

With any move in your career path comes natural stressor, but relocating abroad presents a whole crop of new challenges: a different local language, new customs, new manners, and cultural norms.

What you learn when you are overseas:

The new cultural phenomenon might be most intriguing and delightful. Everything seems new and exciting. You will often experience homesickness; loneliness; boredom; aversion to social interaction, or withdrawing from local relationships and communicating only with family at home.

Living abroad with jobs with TEFL certificate can teach you sensitivity to other cultures and allow you to experience them to the fullest. There may be many different ways of doing things that you are not familiar with.

  • Encourage yourself. Remind yourself of your reasons for going abroad in the first place.
  • Take time to connect with yourself and honour your needs: keep busy with activities you enjoy, exercise regularly, develop a new hobby and set time aside for it each day.
  • Dedicate some time to learning the local language to help overcome communication difficulties.
  • Be easy on yourself: adjusting to a new place takes time and patience.
  • Establish a daily routine that you stick to. Make sure to get lots of sleep and eat healthily.
  • Make your apartment more comfortable with souvenirs from back home.
  • Schedule time to indulge in a healthy dose of culture from your home country: listen to some music, watch one of your favourite movies, or eat your favourite dishes.
  • Sharing some of your cultures with local friends can provide some relief.

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  1. Well curated blog, best to understand and use relative teaching styles appropriate for lesson and language learning.

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