Chatty Maths: A Way To Explain Your Numerical Learning for the Young Learners!

Chatty Maths

What is chatty maths? Is it like chat and doing maths? Yes, you are pretty right. The basic idea of solving the numeric is to have an interaction level going between teams or group of people. In a way, each would support the other to make have the correct answer – using their individual potential. Accordingly, the learning curve is considering both the time and pace of every TEFL Young Learners.

But how on earth that would be a help?

Every time we come across something new, we are apprehensive about it! Isn’t? It is like that for many of us. Thinking deeper you may assume, will it work at all? Moreover, it really becomes a challenge for the teachers to explain in a playful manner, because they may not be aware of the tricks or methods.

You might have the initial jitters…

Again, they have, so far, been adaptive with the conventional methods. Therefore, the transition period might be a little difficult for them to come up with effective results. They need to understand how to arrange the ‘chatty maths system’, what is so exclusive about this session and how to go through the process of implementation – especially when you are at the entry level and need to convince the senior most educators, principle or others.

When movies can be a role model…

Basically, if you have seen the movie Hichki, – first, in the Indian cinema the movie projected how to change the spirit of learning among the people by using the little tricks of solving those fear factors of maths among kids. This is because they preferred to come up with exclusive ideas – doing maths and understanding the solution through play-to-learn mode on the basketball court. Interesting indeed, but she faced a lot of jitters in making many important personalities in the school explaining how to work in making an inclusive classroom setting for every kid.

Now, how the chatty maths function?

The very basic idea of ‘chatty math sessions’ indicate the teacher educators who have favoured from the online teacher training course through the teaching and learning feature – but too many interaction and conversation and logical explanation or discussion will be taking place.

Therefore, one can not completely ignore the children – for their feature and also, in the end, creating an impact.

If you as trainer keep your eyes open and observe accordingly, then it becomes easier for you to understand the idea of maths by using certain ideas, like

  1. a packet of biscuits,
  2. a glass of water,
  3. a map,
  4. Or a photograph, to name considers a few examples.

|The more cross-curricular-minded teachers may even have a topic focus, such as a Viking longboat or Greek pot for their maths chat.

In fact, the focus could be anything at all, as long as pupils are engaging in maths-related discussions with each other.

But we need to keep these things in mind…

|The use of the word “chat” rather than “talk” is the clue: chatty maths interactions are informal and friendly.

|Chatty maths is not aimed at answering questions, reaching conclusions or justifying opinions.

P.S It is not an adult-led format but rather considered the other way round – exclusively meant for young kids. It is simply chatting about maths, which is accessible to all and inclusive of all.

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