Different Methods of Integrated Learning and Their Impact on the Future TEFL/TESOL Educator

Integrated learning is one of the most useful methods for the learner of a comprehensive course and it is nothing different for a future TEFL/TESOL educator as well. A person pursuing or willing to invest in a TEFL/TESOL course needs to learn a lot of things within a short span of time and prepare him/herself for future endeavours. The various methods of integrated learning can be very helpful for these learners and could give them an incisive and in-depth understanding about the lessons during the successful completion of a bachelor degree with TEFL/TESOL course.

What is integrated learning?

The integrated learning strategy indicates towards the collection, understanding and culmination of useful information from different sources and implementing the same to make the learning procedure more impactful yet concise. In the following lines, we will have a look at how the integrated learning strategy can be usefulfor the learners of a comprehensive course like the TEFL/TESOL via the implementation of certain methods of which the overall structure of the aforementioned strategy is made of.

  1. One on one discussions

This is one of the most common ways to understand and develop an incisive understanding of lessons that are taught, which a future TEFL/TESOL educator should know about. It also helps in developing a good relationship between the teacher and his/her students.

  1. Discussion between the students

The students need to discuss among themselves about the lessons they learn in the class. This not only helps them develop a co-relation with each other but also helps them to understand and enrich themselves with new knowledge about the subject. This is something which an educator should initiate among his/her students on a regular basis, making it important for him/her to inculcate this methodology while pursuing the bachelor degree with TEFL/TESOL course as a preparation for the future.

  1. Asking open-ended questions

Asking open-ended questions help the educator to get on a familiar level with his/her students in a better manner, thus creating a better bond which aggravates integrated learning. This is a very important tool that can be very useful for a future TEFL/TESOL educator as far as the delivery of the subject matter is concerned.

  1. Role Playing

This particular method helps to develop the problem solving ability of the students as they are put into various situations and are asked to find feasible solutions according to the situations. It is absolutely necessary for enhancing the problem solving skills of the students which they can utilise in the future.

  1. Using technology

Showing various videos, multimedia presentations and various audio-visual means to devise integrated learning among the students can be of great use for any TEFL/TESOL educator. So, a future TEFL/TESOL educator should make sure to be aware of these various methods and make the lessons more impactful while pursuing a bachelor degree with TEFL/TESOL course.

  1. Different perspective

TEFL/TESOL, being a comprehensive course, could become monotonous for certain students. This is why it is important for an aspiring TEFL/TESOL educator to learn about the ways of delivering the subject matter and effective lesson planning from different perspectives, making the whole teaching-learning process interesting and integrated.

  1. Collaborating

Collaboration with other teachers helps a TEFL/TESOL educator to get new inputs for the students under his/her tutelage. This is another important method that can be applied to initiate integrated learning.

  1. Explanation

It is also important for the TEFL/TESOL educator to help the students with an in-depth understanding about the course and the lessons as they can measure their progress through certain activities. One such is the explanation methodology where the students have to explain what they learnt from the lessons taught from their own perspective. This not only helps in understanding whether the students are being taught the right thing in the right way but also make the educator realise whether the implemented methodologies are apt for his/her students or not. This methodology helps in the creation of an atmosphere conducive for the development of the overall teaching-learning procedure through the implementation of integrated learning.

Integration of various processes in the same place helps in making an educational course more impactful and incisive. This is the main motive of the implementation of integrated learning by a TEFL/TESOL educator, which he/she should inculcate while pursuing a bachelor degree with TEFL/TESOL course. The inhibition of information which are irrelevant in a time-constrained course like the TEFL/TESOL is very important and the implementation of integrated learning could be an apt solution to that, which is why they should learn about it during their time as a learner of the bachelor degree with TEFL/TESOL course.

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