A compact know-how on Teaching & Training with International Diploma

Want to get an idea on the various aspects of teaching and running of an educational institute. Then enrolling for such a comprehensive training program will certainly be a smart choice on your part. International Diploma for Teachers & Trainers is one such course which includes all the necessary topics which are deemed to be essential for those willing to be associated with educational institutes either as a teacher/trainer or in any other administrative or managerial position.

This course is like an amalgamation of all the important courses and can be termed as ‘the mother of all teaching courses’. The course is for a total duration of 360 hours which includes 120 hours of TEFL, 60 hours of Business English Teacher Training, 60 hours of Young Learner’s Teacher Training, 60 hours of Train the Trainer program, and 60 hours of Education Management. It can be well understood that this course covers almost all the necessary subjects associated with an educational institute and will enable the candidates to acquire an integrated knowledge to perform well as Educational leaders in institutes around the globe.

Through this program, the candidates will be able to know about the interesting, new and innovative methods and approaches of teaching English as a foreign language to learners majority of whose first language happens to be any other language but English; teaching Business English meant for working professionals – the English which is formal in tone and is mostly used for carrying out business functions; get acquainted with the modern teaching English methods meant for Young Learners where the learners are within 12 years of age;  lesson planning and classroom management techniques both in respect to the adult learners as well as the young learners;  training methodologies which will enable the candidates to train their colleagues in their workplace, as and when required; and lastly Education Management theories and approaches that will instil the correct approaches in the minds of the candidates so that they know the correct way of the functioning of an educational institution. Like most other training programs, this particular Diploma program has been designed to be pursued by the candidates in the online mode.

Reasons why online programs are fast catching up:

  • In today’s digitalised world, where most of the work is done with the help of the internet, online education has also become quite popular. Due to its subtle drawbacks of classroom programs, online programs have found a good number of takers. For a classroom program, the learner not only needs to dedicate fixed hours to attend the class, but also needs to travel to attend the class. It may not be possible for aspirants therefore to attend the in-class program, who are either busy with their professional life or for some reason are unable to dedicate that specific amount of time for an in-class program.
  • Moreover with computers and smartphones in every household, taking up an online course has become much easier. Also, comparatively online programs are cheaper and easy on the pockets.

Hence candidates enrolling for this course have a dual advantage – get a clear and complete idea on functioning of educational institute by pursuing it from any place of your preference.

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