Get ready to be on your toes in Hyderabad while you pursue TEFL there

TEFL or Teaching English as a Foreign Language is now becoming quite popular as there is an increased demand for TEFL qualified and certified teachers globally. So if you no longer want to remain confined to your static office desk, you should definitely opt for a TEFL course. This course provides you with an opportunity to earn a handsome salary and at same time opportunities to travel to exotic places around the globe. So as you enroll for a TEFL course you are meeting the global standards for an EFL/ESL teacher and becoming a Global Educator.
There are various ranges of TEFL courses to choose from. One can choose from an online TEFL course, TEFL certificate course, to in-class TEFL courses, there are many ways one can get an International English Teaching Certificate. As for the in-class TEFL courses, they arelocated in metro cities across India. You can choose an in-class TEFL course in locations which includes places like Kolkata, Bangalore, Kerala, New Delhi, Hyderabad, Mumbai etc, These cities are famous for both their culture and heritage and has numerous tourist attractions as well as presents its’ visitors with its mouth-watering cuisine which one will cherish for a long time. So, while you undertake the course you can also get the experience of its culture and cuisine.
When you choose an In class TEFL course in Hyderabad, you are not only getting your certificate in TEFL and becoming globally certified to Teach English as a Foreign Language in any part of the globe, but also at the same time you are getting the opportunity to travel the beautiful city of Hyderabad . The City of Hyderabad, also known as the city of pearls, offers you a myriad of attractions, from tourist destinations to shopping delights .From History to Films, Hyderabad keeps you on your toes. So you should always keep your to-do list ready while you are in Hyderabad. Some of the famous must visit places in the city are as follows:
Your Hyderabad trip remains incomplete without a visit to the charminar, an architectural masterpiece, and Charminar stands as an iconic structure for Hyderabad. There also a thriving jewellery market surrounding the area.

Golconda Fort
It was constructed in the 1600’s and it located 11kms away from Hyderabad , Interestingly, the Golconda fort is mentioned in a popular Russian ballad titled ‘La Dayadere’

Ramoji Film City

If you are Hyderabad, you cannot miss this .The world’s largest film studio complex by the Guinness book of world records A popular tourist attraction, it boasts of some impressive features such as a full-fledged amusement park, built by film producer Ramoji Rao.

Hussain Sagar
The Lake was built by Hazrat Syed Hussain Shah Wali in 1526. This Lake is the ideal destination for the weekend with your friends and family.

Faluknuma Palace
A must visit, the palace reflects the architectural blend of both Tudor and Italian style. The palace was once a private property of the royal Nizams.

Hope this small glimpse on Hyderabad will compel you to opt for your TEFL program from ‘the city of pearls’.

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