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Be it in the elementary, secondary and post-secondary levels in private or public schools…or be in adult education situations like different life skills, literacy, or vocational training programs…or in non-profit organizations, private tutoring companies, in international business settings, you will find the English language as a mode of communication throughout the world. As a consequence, TESOL – Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages have become a popular primary or add-on endorsement and Teaching English as a Foreign Language – TEFL has become a unique career choice. Quite clearly the 120-hour TEFL course online programs also have been established all over the world.

Nevertheless, TEFL is one of the widespread careerspick amongst the young people but till now people have a lot of enquiries and misunderstandings about the qualification. 

We understand that the above-mentioned things are mostly known facts. Therefore, let’s just go through some of the popular and updated TEFL course FAQs.

TEFL/ TESOL – are they the same?

Well, both the terms are being used interchangeably most of the time. Individuals who are interested in teaching English overseas have a tendency to pursue TEFL training.While those involved in teaching English to non-native-speaking individuals within the English-speaking countries generally follow TESOL. Usually, the TESOL teachers are essential to have a state teaching license along with the specific training in ESL within K-12 settings.

On the other hand, TEFL does not always need a precise degree, education, certification, or training and teachers may come from any number of diverse backgrounds. Therefore, we would like to recommend that people who are interested in becoming EFL educators should check with a country’s department of ministry to study about overall training requirements.

What are the career opportunities after doing the TEFL course?What are the other job opportunities other than teaching after doing the TEFL course?

So, you are freshly TEFL certified…now what?

What are your career goals?

Would you ever consider making English teaching a long-term career?

Well, you should choose where you want to teach English as a foreign language. ESL teaching jobs are plentiful at present and the teaching English online jobs are huge in number. Understanding where you wish to go will aid to narrow down your job search options greatly. Also, research the minimum requirements to become a TEFL teacher along with the visa requirements in your preferred location.

  • If you enjoy teaching enough then with TEFL you can become an ESL teaching professional.
  • You can become a senior teacher or Academic Coordinator.
  • Most language schools have a Director of Studies, you can become one.
  • You may also start your own language school.
  • You can become an online ESL instructor.
  • If you’re passionate about teaching, you can become a TEFL teacher trainer too.
  • You can also work for an English Language Teaching (ELT) publisher, either writing and developing course materials, or as a sales representative, travelling around language schools to endorse and sell them.

TEFL career development isn’t always as direct as some other careers! However, we understand that there may still come a time when you’re prepared to move on to something new, here are a few thoughts:

For numerous people, Teaching English as a Foreign Language is a provisional job, but it doesn’t have to be.

Suppose… someone is coming from a non-teaching background, so how can the TEFL course help that person?

Well, you may have searched for “online jobs in coronavirus” or searched something like that and speculated where to start! An online English teacher is your answer even if you have no prior teaching experience in teaching English online. Nevertheless, every corporation will have its own hiring necessities for teachers, the more qualified you are, the more jobs will be accessible to you.

The 120-hour TEFL course online is generally required by most online teaching companies. The program will fully formulate you for the virtual classrooms. This will also show employers that you are serious about entering this competitive field even if you lack experience. Well, if you have no earlier teaching experience then employers are going to be looking for transferable skills like – communication skills, time management skills, tech-savvy, creative skills, patience, public speaking skills, and so on. Remember to always research the employer and modify your CV to that specific position.

If you know where to look, you can find plenty of job adverts online. We understand the fact that when you Google “TEFL jobs”, you’ll get around millions of results, which might feel a bit crushing.

So, we’ve listed some region-specific panels on a particular destination!

For Asia –

For Central & South America –

ForEurope –

For Online TEFL jobs –

However, there are scam adverts out there and it’s important to always be careful.

Can anyone become an IELTS trainer after doing the TEFL course?

Well, technically, there are no specific requirements for being an IELTS (International English Language Testing System) teacher. To become one, you don’t even need to be a native speaker. The only thing is you should be good enough that when you sit the IELTS exam yourself, you score at least a band 8. Also, there is no such thing as an IELTS teaching certificate, there is no official qualification or training course for this as well. Of course, you need a degree for being an IELTS teacher, not necessarily in a subject related to English or language studies. Most companies now insist that you have completed some teacher training at least.

With TEFL course, you can absolutely become an IELTS trainer as the TEFL program covers all the training which is being required for IELTS. However, keep in mind that IELTS trainer and IELTS examiner both are the different profiles. The IELTS examiner needs separate credentials and all of those are clearly mentioned in the official website of IELTS.

Which countries consider TEFL courses as a qualification?



The demand for English teachers can differ depending on the country.Well, the strongest ESL jobs market in Europe can be found in Southern, Central and Eastern Europe and countries such as Spain, Italy, the Czech Republic, and Poland to look for your first teaching position.

Also, some of the world’s most rewarding TEFL jobs can be found in the Middle East nowadays. There is noteworthy demand for ESL teachers in the region, but it’s a competitive market. Moreover, there’s a huge demand for English teachers across Central and South America – Markets in Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, and Ecuador are predominantly strong.

Wrapping Up

We would recommend you to check Spain, China, Vietnam, Mexico, Taiwan and Thailand specifically now. The cherry on cake is teaching English online industry.

TEFL certification never expires! The value of the 120-hour TEFL course online is valued all over the world. The TEFL benefits are boundless, you see! Sure, influences could be made in contradiction of this fact.

A TEFL certification may help you to get a better English teaching job where you’ll have enlarged work gratification.

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