Grammar Games and Their Effectiveness on the Learners During TEFL Courses

Every educational course is a complex procedure, especially when it comes to comprehensive ones like the TEFL courses. While going through the course curriculum, things tend to get a little monotonous for the learners as well as the teachers due to the lack of diversity in the classroom. However, the educators can look to indulge in certain in-class activities to deliver the curriculum to the learners, including the implementation of certain games, which help to make things easier for both of them. One such technique, which can be a good one in accordance to the successful completion of the course curriculum in a rather fun and interactive way is the grammar game.

There are a number of ways the grammar games can be implemented in the course curriculum in a TEFL course. They are defined in the following lines.

  1. Using objects for learning prepositions

For the learners who are dealing with a comprehensive course like TEFL, the understanding of prepositions and their usage is one of the most important things to learn for the students. The educator can use certain objects or examples to make things lively for the learners and make the procedure more impactful for them. This also leads to the creation of an atmosphere that is conducive for the development of the teaching-learning procedure.

  1. Learning nouns and pronouns

The right usage of nouns and pronouns is very much important for the proper construction of sentences. The learners need to understand them in the best possible way and the grammar games can be a great way to make them understand that. The usage of several objects as examples eases the burden of the conventional procedure for the learners and also provides a lot of impetus in the learning procedure, making it as appropriate as possible for both the educators and the students.

  1. Learning through questions

Asking questions is a very common practice in any class for the learners. These questions might also be a good source of understanding the nuances of grammar in a classroom while the course is ongoing. Interactive sessions, which include games like asking questions about even the simple daily activities, help the teachers to understand whether the learners are able to use grammar properly during the conversation.

  1. Learning through customized sessions

The learners are also given the privilege to learn through customized sessions that include the grammar games as well. This not only has a positive implication on the minds of the learners but is also helpful for the educators and the course curriculum as well. TEFL courses are all about learning the right use of the grammar that helps the teachers and the students to have a healthy atmosphere in the classroom and work together in proper co-ordination towards the successful completion of the course curriculum.

  1. Learning through communication and interactive sessions

The interactive sessions comprise of a huge part of the grammar games that are played in the classroom, helping to develop the mind of the learners and also evaluate their progress in a proper way. This not only helps the learners and educators to have a good knowledge about themselves but also prepare them for the challenges of the teaching job that they are going to take up in the future in a well mannered way. An atmosphere conducive for the development of the teaching-learning procedure is also done effectively through these sessions.

It would be safe to say that the aforementioned methods of conducting grammar games play a huge role in developing today’s learners into tomorrow’s teachers. Clearing the air of confusion for both the students and the teachers help in creating channels for the flow of knowledge and eventually develop the perfect atmosphere for learning. TEFL courses are indeed some of the most comprehensive ones in perspective to the development of the aspiring teachers into next generation educators and the grammar games played in a class can be a fun way to understand the nuances of flawless English and effective implementation of the same in the course curriculum.

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