Has the ESL/TEFL Sector Become More Competitive At Present?

In today’s world, billions of individuals around the world are learning English but out of financially viable requirements, and this number is only set to grow up. This is happening as the English language has become the prospective place of development to engender more opportunities, to make stronger employment chances plus expanding the perspectives in today’s interconnected world. YES, nowadays the ESL/TEFL sector is tremendously competitive.

The reason of this rising competition is very clear. English, as a language, has become a global tongue which is connecting all the corners and establishing a platform for global communication, from business to education or anything, from verbal communication to written, everywhere the language has dominated the world. The up-and-coming and developing countries have recognized that with better English they will have better revenues. By comprehending the importance of English-speaking employees, different countries are continuously working to boost their investments in educational institutes as well as the teacher training programs.

Facts about English Language Learning Worldwide

  • Researchers have shown that China is now the largest English-speaking country in the world.
  • Around 100,000 teaching English as a foreign language positions open every year
  • Researchers have shown that the estimates put the number of ESL schools and language institutes at 40,000+ worldwide now
  • Now the ESL students are getting younger and younger
  • Countries including Saudi Arabia and Vietnam made English a compulsory subject for students in grades four and up
  • Now the ESL students are moving online

With the technological explosion in today’s classrooms, now learning is done to some extent through online medium. You will see now more and more English language apps are appearing in the marketplace for learners willing to learn English. This has made the students all over the world to access high-class content anytime and anywhere. At present, the aspects for online ESL teachers have been growing up over time as more and more students want to learn online.

Now, the geographical boundaries no longer a reason, the ESL teachers can work from anywhere in the world. The different online ESL teaching companies offer full-time paid online ESL teaching positions for the teachers. However, the area can be tricky and time-consuming sometimes but the growth is potential. Working from home means you will be teaching English online and you won’t have to worry about travelling or heavy traffic, or maybe about petrol or public transport issues. By working online, you can work on continuous lessons as your time will be saved. This will also give you freedom. It will be you who will decide when you want to work or not, how often you want to work or not and where you want to work or not.

However, we cannot disagree with the fact that teaching English online is very different from teaching face-to-face. Well, sometimes you may face problems to make a bond with your students. Sometimes, you may face the miscommunication as well so make sure you are very clear at all times.

See, in conclusion, you will understand that the competition is severe at the moment, so you need to think about all the possibilities. Now is not the time for English teachers to be complacent with the help of online TEFL certificate course programs that aimed at building your teaching career a worthy one. Not only you will need to keep up yourself with the latest developments in the ESL field but also have to be positive in constantly developing your ESL teaching skills in order to shine otherwise you will be left at the back in the future ESL marketplace.

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