How can TEFL enable in the self-growth of educators across ASIA?

People, especially educators in accordance with the changing learning processes of the education industry are counting to improve their teaching abilities. To relate the global pattern of learning effectively, many have opted online TEFL courses. Recently, under the connecting jaws of globalisation, people across have felt the importance of communicating in English. Apart from the usual need to learn business English for the smooth running of trade and commerce among nations, expatriate TEFL teachers are rewarded and appreciated for teaching English overseas.

Motivation that lacked earlier

Starting from the job profile, salary structure to the positional role, teachers are re-shaping or finding themselves within a polished situational environment. Although the student-centric motivation has received proper attention, but nothing much was prompted for teachers’ motivation and satisfaction. Educators from Asia have to face challenges as they lacked effective English language instructions to be used while addressing the classroom.

Asia is the largest market for TEFL

Use of English language is high in Asia. And instructing students or classroom or any training institute in English is the only communicating medium. Stats would confirm that English teaching opportunities are in plenty; about 50% high in compared to every ten thousand people are into professional teaching. Mostly they are employed in the zones such as Japan, China, Thailand, Malaysia and South Korea. Malaysia and Thailand, the two ‘economic giants’ from the South Eastern belt of Asia emancipated the growth of teaching jobs. Adjacent nations Vietnam, Indonesia, Taiwan keep hopes open for aspiring TEFL educators.

Get an insight of what TEFL certification may offer…

It is viable for anyone towing on the idea of enrolling or not to, in a TEFL certification to understand the market pitch. Ideally, a non-native speaker if certified with a TEFL degree from the house of internationally acclaimed Asian College of Teachers can easily is paid ‘to save 30% to 50% of the salary expenses’.

  • Self-growth of these educators is enabled by measuring the amount they can save up!
  • Opportunities are in bulk for educators with a four year integrated English course, particularly in China and Cambodia.
  • Interestingly, the chart shows how much the teachers can save after starting a career in counselling,
Countries Savings (Approximated numbers)
South Korea $10,000 – $15,000
China $9,000
Vietnam $8,000
Taiwan $6,000
Japan $5,000
Thailand $1,000

(Source: Created by Author)

  • Apart from having a satisfying payslip, they also feel at ease after getting the job lined up in advance. As the entire interview processes are conducted online for reputed positions in countries of Japan, Taiwan, Korea, or China. Therefore, one can easily count on both the package and good network support established since 52 years.
  • Asian College of Teachers (ACT) offers the best TEFL online certification course for teachers or educators. Teachers will be able to deliver the lessons effectively by using different teaching methods like grammar, second language acquisition, lesson planning, language skills, need-based language teaching etc. Surely, it will boost their confidence and such valuable inputs would automatically shape their career ways in future.

Travelling to different countries –

The fun zone starts when you travel around and be comfortable with people coming from different cultural backgrounds. In a way, you can understand the perspective of people and get some positive insights about their training and learning modes. This would help you to adapt and adjust even with the most uncomfortable and unfamiliar situation. As a learner, you can use your storytelling manner while teaching children as that would be a guiding star for them. For instance, educators relocating from India or China would find a different teaching and learning mode in Canada. As role-playing and group activities are very common in Canadian classroom education, Chinese educational settings rarely use such pedagogies. Instead, teachers are active in giving notes and delivering boring lectures, ignoring the learner’s perspectives.

Getting acquainted with Various Cultures-

The basic value of getting acquainted with various cultures is facilitated through interpersonal communication. Studies, though limited would reveal that relationships, be it personal or professional are dealt different according to different cultural norms. Say, Japanese people are peace loving and would allow their ward to involve in daily life activities – be it washing the dishes after having the school lunch together.

Different Teaching Environments –

In case if you ever made a visit to any Japanese school you will find a lot of differences with respect to the teaching environment. Environments differ due to their educational system, such that India adopted the English education system and Japan adopted the French education system. Japanese are well versed in their culture and rituals and would practice them while having their lunch or dinner. Even they would communicate strongly in their own language instead of extensively speaking in English. The sense of inequality which is unfortunately at an alarming rate in India because of caste practices is absolutely absent in Japan. They may have some gender prejudices but that can be reduced.

Learning on the job in foreign countries –

Thanks to our increasingly global economy, foreign language skills are not only an incredible asset in obtaining a job, but may even be deemed a necessity in certain fields. But the best way of doing a TEFL course is one can work and at the same time learn and apply their teaching skills under different settings, away from their native place.

Learning New Languages-

Multi-cultural activities automatically lead to adapting or learning new languages. As talked before, Japanese culture gives prominence to Japanese language being practised in their daily life, be it in education or while dealing with their foreign clients. But because of the declining global barriers, they are also taking up English courses seriously and thus are trying to deliver the cross-cultural education system by taking the instructional strategies of TEFL teaching.


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  1. Love the post, it cleared all my doubts and delivered an insight of the developments, scopes and possibilities in real time scenario. Keep posting more trendy views.

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