How to be a Certified English Teacher ?

English is one of the most spoken languages in the world and is a common medium of communication across the globe. However, not all English speakers are of native origins. Thus, the need for learning and teaching English worldwide is a growing rage. In India, speaking in English is considered a sign of good education and learning and therefore, most parents emphasize on learning English well.

In order to give right English training to students, it is important for one to be adept in the art of teaching English as well. Since English is a foreign language and the students who learn English are also not native English speakers, it is important that the right kind of training is imparted to the trainers in order to make English learning easy and hassle-free.

If one aspires to be an English teacher and gain a global exposure to teaching, TEFL is the answer. TEFL refers to “Teaching English as a Foreign Language.” TEFL is structured course that gives the aspiring teachers the right knowledge and techniques of English teaching. TEFL courses are offered with various certification levels, namely; certificate courses, diploma courses, and BA and MA in TEFL. Both in-class and online TEFL courses are available.

A TEFL certified teacher can teach anywhere across the globe as TEFL certification is accepted worldwide. A trainer gets a global exposure to teaching English and also learns while they work. TEFL courses can be availed online, wherein the prospective teachers can learn at their own convenience. Course materials are accessible online along with all-time trainer guidance.

Apart from the online mode of education, TEFL courses are conducted in multiple centres in India. TEFL course in Bangalore, Kolkata, Mumbai, Delhi are available in in-class options, where students can meet the trainers on a regular basis and learn things face-to-face. On successful completion of a particular TEFL course, the certified trainer can gain placement assistance from the institute and embark on a fascinating and path breaking career of English teaching worldwide.

TEFL is the key to the world of education that allows the potential teachers to go global and make a difference. English learning is growing and more and more teachers are required to train the new set of students. A TEFL certification opens up the doors of success for the aspiring English trainers.

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