Know when to do TEFL certificate in Thailand: Before Or After?

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Bablin got thrilled a she was pretty ready to make a career as an English educator in Bangkok or in the nearby areas of Thailand. With the dominance of international trade exchange and rapid growth in the Tourism sector, the government attempted to refine the communicative skills of both the business professionals and the future generation. They knew it could be done by following the mandatory TEFL courses which will crow individual who has basic knowledge in teaching in English but aren’t guaranteed to work because of the absence of a certification.

It is here that the big fat question arrives – is it advisable to pursue TEFL courses before you are unsettling in Thailand or the other way round? Let’s unwind what Bablin did was right or not.

  • Discuss more before you invest!

Since Bablin had been staying in Indonesia for a long time, she had been rethinking to start a career venture abroad, in the capital city of Thailand. The reason was simple, she was to get married to her long-time boyfriend who works in a top-notch corporate as a software professional.  As a matter, both have to begin a life in a different state, far from their native. Not only it was emotionally a difficult call, but more so because of the cross-cultural and communicative barrier, she has to deal with.

Thinking deeply about the matter, she thought of doing a certificate, which would take a very short span of her time. The best part was some of the authenticated institutes who are channelling the course endorsed by TESOL Canada in an online manner — making things pretty easier to deal with and avoiding any kind of unnecessary harassments relating to shifting their base and all.

Hereby referring to what Bablin has confirmed we are going to enlist the following positives:

First, documentation is well structured. Doing course means you are to get awarded a certification while you stay at the native land. This means you can avoid any hassle related to either the shipping cost or any outstation cost associated with the postal requirement. These would be because of the need to send the study materials and the certification at the new postal address. It will be pretty time-consuming. Hence, if you pursue it before leaving for your native place, the best is to find all the documents in one place.

Second, obviously, the very first point automated us to think that if you choose to the course first, you can actually save a lot of penny! Every penny counts seriously and there isn’t any need to explain why doing any course from the native place is much more economical than from the foreign lands. Expenses in any foreign land become more – you have to spend a lot on food and lodging – which is comparatively higher than your Indonesia state. The best part is an online mode of learning which eradicates any increased cost relating to infrastructural requirement.

Third, international diploma for TEFL has a structured curriculum of 120 hours, which comprises of the business English teachers training mode, or the young learner’s teachers training or the train the trainer one or the education management one. All of them are framed to meet the required standards of the individuals willing to work at corporate sectors, agencies or educational institutes like that of the schools. Easy to learn the client needs analysis mode for those thinking to train corporate clients by enhancing their communicative skills in English.

  • Are there any pitfalls?

Thus, almost all look convincing to pursue TEFL courses before arriving in Thailand.  However, on the pitfalls, you may be unaware of the immigration process which may debar you in getting hired or be part of a stable market. In case of Bablin, though, things were different and smooth. That varies completely. And yes the negative point is to understand the work permit. Usually, employers have different work permits which impact the candidates while quitting or switching their jobs – be in the corporate culture or at any educational institute.

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  1. The story of Bablin was quite interesting to read, the moral is relatable with anyone willing to make a move in Indonesia, but confused what to do with the TEFL, as in doing the course before or after, my aunt had the same conflicting mode but now she is happy.

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