Learn How to Make a Great Career Out of TEFL or TESOL Course

There has never been a better point in time to get drawn in with a TEFL or TESOL Course because of the ever-increasing demand for English teachers all over the world. However, sometimes after completing a TEFL course, you may face some questions like:

“TEFL is not a real job, is it?”

“What will you do now?”

“Is it true that TEFL or TESOL provides international jobs?”

And many more…

However, this happens maybe because of the ephemeral nature of the TEFL course and its relationship with “travelling”. Moreover, many of us think that TEFL or TESOL is just a mode of making money while travelling around the world. But, for those people who actually see TEFL as a long term career option rather than just a temporary one, is it possible for them to make a career out of TEFL program?

For the introduction, there are both short-term and long-term opportunities existing with TEFL. The TEFL or TESOL certificates are globally recognised, thus you can travel and work across the world and there are no authoritarian age restrictions with TEFL.

Can we make a career out of TEFL or TESOL?

The answer is absolutely YES! There are a number of methods that imply TEFL or TESOL can be your long term career choice, let’s see how:

  1. Research Well For The First Job

Otherwise, you won’t be able to carry on your long term career in the TEFL field. If you just head to the teaching destination to work as per your wish then start finding a set of connections and search in-country. After taking the first step of your career, once you are sure about the place where you want to be, make sure about checking the facilities and meeting the team confidently before just committing to your spot on job.

  1. Option of becoming a Senior Teacher or an Academic Controller

Carry on with your teaching, why not? If you really enjoy teaching for more than a couple of years, then your chances of becoming a senior teacher or an academic controller will be higher. A lot of language schools, colleges and institutes do have some senior teacher positions or as a language learner controller or a business English controller.

  1. Start your Own Language School

Well, it’s possible with a TEFL or TESOL program as the demand for it is getting higher. This, however, might be a difficult and tiring process as initially you will be the only person in the business and will have to play all of these roles by yourself only. In terms of establishment, your language school premises can be your own house, or you can search for any other alternatives.

  1. A TEFL Teacher Trainer

Becoming a TEFL teacher trainer could be a fine way for you to make a long term career out of a TEFL course. However, you will need to have some extra training with an advanced qualification for it. Once you’re properly trained, you will see different opportunities to shift your long-standing career into TEFL teacher training.

  1. A Career in Publishing in ELT Sector

After completing a TEFL or TESOL course, you can go for ELT publishing sectors as well. You can go for any kind of writing or developing job as well, or as a sales representative, travelling around for different language schools to handle their marketing and product escalation framework.

A Standard TEFL Career Development: An Overview

Finding a job – TEFL teacher (After Graduation) – develop your teaching (involve in different teaching areas) – Senior Teacher (Teaching after specialisation) – Qualification as a Diploma Degree Holder (Upgrading of TEFL Degree) – Executive of English Studies (Run the scholastic side of language institutes) – TEFL teacher trainer (A trainer for a TEFL or TESOL course) – Head of operations (Your own language school).

Career Aspects After TEFL

We have discussed the 5 different career aspects after completing a TEFL or TESOL program, which establishes the fact that there is a life prosperous enough after TEFL! After 20-30 years of exploring the different areas of TEFL, there are more options which will be open for you.

How to apply them in a project related to TEFL?

Let’s see how:

  • You can work for a travel-related organisation or a company in a foreign location.
  • You can work with immigrants for different local and central government agencies and NGOs on their resettlement and job aspects.
  • You can start your own TEFL enrolment group by using your years of experience around the world.
  • You can set yourself as a part time freelance teacher anywhere and work around it.

Well, now we can see that teaching English as a foreign language is not at all a temporary job. Due to the boom of trade and industry in the world market with regular growth, there is a huge demand for getting a job in teaching English as a foreign language after finishing your TEFL course, which makes it much more relevant in the modern era, both in terms of learning and career growth.

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