Learn TEFL techniques with an In Class TEFL Course

Quite a handful of TEFL training institutes have developed around the world, providing expert training to TEFL aspirants creating opportunities for aspirants who are looking forward for a career in teaching. Some TEFL certification classes are conducted online while others are “in class”. Making the choice between an online course and enrolling yourself into an in-class TEFL / TESOL course is a difficult call. Many people go for online classes because it is relatively less expensive. However, in the long run, it is always better to have attended a physical class conducted by experienced personnel rather than by pursuing online classes.

120 hours in-class TEFL premium course is 3 weeks in class TEFL course which are held in various places and can be enrolled by aspiring as well as experienced teachers. The in-class TEFL programs give the candidates enough scope to learn, teach and travel to the enrolled candidates giving them enough scope to prepare for an international teaching career. In Asia, the popular TEFL destinations are in the captivating cities in Thailand – Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Phuket and in fascinating Indian cities – Kolkata, Kochi, Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad and Goa. It also creates the opportunity for trainees to attend the Teaching Practice (TP) sessions in local schools and practice their skills in classrooms with students.

The various TEFL courses in India give a very culturally refreshing experience, where applicants get to meet people with similar interests, interact with students and faculty of different countries and adapt to life in a new environment. TEFL is not only for teaching English, but to cover aspects of English teaching where English as a language, is not commonly used. The TEFL opens the window of opportunity for those who want to establish themselves as well-known teachers to share knowledge in different parts of the world.

In-class TEFL courses for the candidates are equipped with modern methodologies which enable the candidates to be able to handle and manage different classrooms on their own. They can face any class confidently and will be highly employable in every corner of the globe. The main objective of taking a TEFL course is to learn the capabilities and skills required to teach English as a Foreign Language or a Second Language. By doing an in-class TEFL course, you can easily get habituated with the culture, lifestyle, teaching methods and overall work environment of that particular place. The training centres often provide the benefit of accommodation and transportation to its candidates.

A TEFL certificate enhances your employability and creates a path of opportunities for you to excel in your career. Even though there are some countries where TEFL certification is not required, most countries have a huge demand for TEFL certified teachers. By pursuing this course and getting the opportunity of a Teaching Practice (TP), one can get a clear idea of exactly what type of teacher he or she wants to become. The program serves as a development tool for classroom communication and teacher-student interaction. Teaching is indeed a constructive process, where you can make yourself more knowledgeable and gain experience which will polish and develop your teaching skills.

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