Market Yourself Successfully as an Online TEFL Teacher with These Working and Effective Ways

The unexpected and quick pronouncement to shut down all educational institutions around the world (most of them) has elevated remote and online learning/teaching massively. Well, covid-19 definitely created a big hindrance in the learning trail of numerous students as well as career builders. The online world of ESL is a giant place and there are a lot of competitions out there looking for the opportunity to grab a position. With an ESL teaching certificate, it is also very significant to understand how to advertise or market yourself online among the crowd.

The internet is perhaps the most advantageous technology of current times as it is rapidly changing the face of numerous professions. So, if you are looking to familiarize yourself with the different working ways to market yourself in online then this blog will definitely help you out. By following these simple steps and suggestions, you’ll become a pro in no time!

Digital job capacity from 2020-2025


Well, apparently, there are almost 12 million English teachers in the world and among this crowd, how will you advertise yourself to grab descent ESL teaching position?  

Here are a few ways that you can market yourself as an online TEFL teacher:

  1. Create Creative Podcasts

Producing different kinds of interesting podcasts is an amazing way to market yourself as an online ESL teaching professional. If you’ve got a lot of thoughts in your mind which you want to showcase in a creative way then creating a podcast can be a good option. Creating a podcast is very simple and you can find the tutorials on YouTube and Google as well. Different online audio sharing tools are the seamless platform for recording and uploading your personal podcasts.

  1. Get TEFL or TESOL Certified

Because TEFL or TESOL certification is a ‘must’ for your online teaching English career. Though you can teach English overseas online without TEFL, but almost all the ELT recruiters prefer their teachers to be TEFL or TESOL certified. It is the most important step that you can take for advertising yourself as an online English teacher. Also, while choosing a TEFL or TESOL course, it’s significant to select one that’s internationally accredited, structured and recognised all over the world – just like ours!

  1. Craft Your CV/Resume Well

Having a well-maintained CV/Resume is very important if you want to be a successful online TEFL/ESL teacher. Update all your essential career-related information such as your recent qualifications, work experience (if you have any), projects, etc. to boost your online TEFL profile. You can also add your freelance or volunteering EFL teaching experiences to your CV/Resume. This is a fantastic way for companies as well as students to find out who you really are and what you can bring to your online English lessons!

  1. Build Your Network

Well, emailing and messaging are the most underrated steps for creating a successful online TEFL/ESL teacher profile. You can email your previous learners including different kinds of interesting TEFL matters, perhaps a write up designed for students, or perhaps you can just ask them how they are doing! You may be wondering why do these things? Well, it’s indispensable to shape and keep an admirable relationship with your former students so that they can bring new students to you. Tell your students that you’re available if they want to try online lessons.

  1. Master the Art of Social Media

In today’s world, social media is an outstanding tool to market yourself as an online TEFL/ESL teacher. Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, etc. work wonders for those who wish to promote themselves. Sharing convenient and appropriate content with your acquaintances will raise your profile as a teacher. LinkedIn is also another very useful tool to showcase yourself as an online TEFL teacher. Make sure your email and website/blog are visible in your profile well. These are the excellent tools for business when engaging your audience but remember don’t be overly salesy or pushy – as nobody likes that!

  1. Pinterest

How can we forget about Pinterest! Pinterest is one of the favourite platforms of educators, as it is a great place to find inspiration for lessons and classroom activities along with many more resources. Pinterest contains a vast treasure of different creative posts with tips for teachers to look through. Also, users can create their own pins linking to their website, blog, or other social media and gain exposure themselves. Teachers can also create collective boards on the platform by making it a really interactive tool.

  1. Online Marketplaces and Teaching Platforms

Consider working for an established company and as you start gaining more and more experience, you will feel more confident by using technology to teach English as a foreign language. Eventually, you can move away and start to set up your own business teaching English online. Through this, you will gain valuable ESL teaching skills and the confidence to move on and go at it on your own. Also, creating a strong introduction video can be a great way to do this, but be careful about how you price your lessons!

  1. Create a Website

Well, building your own website is a good way to shape your brand and reputation. Be its blogs, student testimonies or just an ‘about me’ contents page, there’re lots of boundless ways through which you can market yourself. Also, choose your domain name wisely. Here, sending out free content along with the engaging pages with subscribers will surely help you to build up trust and is the best way to endorse your services.

  1. Start Blogging

Today, the blog posts are a fundamental focus point for any website traffic generation approach. Professional looking and updated blogs are a great big star when employers type your name into Google. Don’t worry too much about regularity, just plan your blogs in advance. Remember, the longer the better, at least 2000 words. Gradually people will be interested in your guest posting for them, or even guest posting on your blog.

  1. Search For Partners

Well, partners are a very valued method of structuring credibility as well as networking through concerned people to you. You can just find other ELT teachers (languages and other fields) and link up with them in an informal network. Also, you can just search for people that deal with local tourism like tourist offices, travel agencies, cultural institutes, etc. to see if any partnerships are possible. Partnerships are a treasured source of information, assistance and advice as well.

Generally, teachers have three options when it comes to teaching or working online:

  • Go freelance and collect students by yourself.
  • Work for different online English teaching companies.
  • Use the online marketplace that connects students and teachers.

Well, it is true that there’s a lot of tangled-work in establishing yourself as an online English teacher. In today’s phase, marketing oneself is a principal factor for professional success. Take action by getting the ESL teaching certificate and see how it affects your career.

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