Non-Native English Teachers are Your Best Negotiators

Recent studies show that the ratio of non-native to native English teachers has increased to 4 to 1 in recent years, suggesting that there is a change in scope of career opportunities in the global market. Teachers training in TEFL programs definitely bring many benefits when it comes to understanding the teaching and learning process to students across the globe.

The advantages of non-native English speaking teachers:

  • To begin with, non-native English speaking teachers start with a bigger awareness of language categories and structures.
  • They know the structure and phonetics of their first language and use that knowledge to enhance strategies in TEFL as a non-native English teacher.
  • These teachers can create an interesting opportunity to tackle cultural differences and even further open learners’ eyes to the world.
  • The diverse backgrounds these teachers come from stirs open-mindedness and the opportunity to encourage the knowledge to give a mix of different cultures to the students.
  • Teachers trained in Bachelors & Master’s Degree in TEFL have been through the process of learning the language, and been trained to teach it are therefore they are in a better place to help students with the language difficulties.
  • Non-native speakers training in teaching English as a foreign language makes them better equipped to anticipate problems before they happen.
  • The non-native teachers understand which aspects of the students’ culture may not be compatible with English-speaking cultures.
  • Large numbers of non-native English teachers move ahead to build successful careers teaching English either in their home country or further afield.
  • As a non-native English teacher, one has the advantage of already being through the same experience that your students are currently facing. This helps to build a good rapport between the students and the teacher as they are often less prone of making mistakes in this situation.
  • The understanding of English grammar is generally better through the Bachelors & Master’s Degree in TEFL programs than that of native speakers because they have had to learn it from scratch.

The best of performances are driven by flexibility:

This changing global scenario has eventually increased the demand of English teachers who will be eligible and educated enough to teach English to non-native English speaking countries like UAE, China, Japan and several other European countries. As you decide to begin your career teaching English, an accredited TESOL Certificate is your ticket to finding a TESOL job that meets your needs.
A large percentage of non-native English teachers complete a diploma in TESOL online, as opting for an online course gives the trainees the flexibility to pursue teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages.
TESOL Online courses can be the most effective way of learning and you can take any amount of time to complete the course for the TESOL Online certification.
Whether you plan on staying in your home country or want to travel and teach your way across the globe, as long as you are a fluent speaker of English there is no reason why you cannot make your dreams a reality. There are a plethora of things you need to consider and address as you make the transition from teaching in your own country to move abroad and teach.

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