Proven Undeniable Reasons to join TEFL Certificate Course Online to Launch Your ESL Teaching Career

The field of teaching English online in 2020 have exploded, and there are a lot of reasons why teaching English online is so interesting. Across the world, the English language is expanding and now has become a global language in most key areas like business, entertainment, academics, science, and so much more. This signifies the fact that there is a massive demand for English language training and with it, the demand is high for the trained professional ESL (English as a Second Language) teachers across the globe. The evolution in the demand for English is diligently related to one mostly key dimension of globalization.


The above data shows the ESL market’s potential in the next few years in some of the places where the demand for the English instructors is high.

This penetration will impact the ESL market in a huge way. Well, by taking their educations online, students don’t have to travel to receive education. Learners can get easier access for their educations and so is the need for more online English teachers. Moreover, by teaching online, you can teach from everywhere, you can even teach along your travel time as well. English language allows the exchange of thoughts and innovation around the world with the growth of a new kind of worldwide single market of knowledge and ideas.

Sounds quite interesting?

So, if you really wish to start your online ESL career than this is the only guide you’ll ever requisite to start your journey as an online English teacher.

But… some questions that may come across your mind like –

  • How are you going to teach ESL lessons?
  • What type of learners do you wish to teach?
  • What study materials are you going to use?
  • How do you get students?

That’s why being clear on your teaching niche is the key here. Having precision in teaching English online helps you to provide the best ESL lessons and it helps you to attract the types of learners you want to target. Even though your forte will advance over time and it’s quite impossible to tell what type of ESL teacher you’re going to be in the future, without any teaching experience it is not promising to say.

Makes sense?

Well, to describe your niche, you have to focus on four core areas:

  • Target Audience
  • Purpose
  • Brand
  • Style

After that, now is the time to design the structure of your course, you need to select the format of your lectures. Like do you want this in the form of a video, text, audio, or a mix of all? Find out that! Then you have to decide on the topic of your course like – is your lesson going to an over-all course or a niche course? Is it going to speak about spoken English or written English? Usually, the general topics face a lot of competition as compared to the niche topic.

Now comes, how much do you WANT to make?

Well, this will differ depending on your situations, prospects, and earning objectives. To charge prices, you will have to think about what type of learners you should aim for. With your basic rate, it is recommended that you should also offer some packages at discounted charges. This will carry more students which will improve your withholding rate as well. Try to think about giving a trial lesson at first. We will suggest you implement paid trials once you gain more experience and a higher demand for your lessons.

For the long-term, having a website is a must! Create a website of sales system keeping in mind, you need to convert students into paying students.

Well, before you embrace the online ESL setting, make sure you have the elementary qualifications to teach English online enclosed! What are those? Let’s dive in —

  1. TEFL/TESOL Certificate Course Online

You may think you are a native or fluent English speaker so what’s the need of TEFL/TESOL… Well, that alone does not make you qualify to take the responsibility of a student’s future with the English language. Almost all the online English language schools usually necessitate their English teachers to hold a genuine and accredited TEFL/TESOL certificate. This is because to comprehend that you know what ESL training is along with the teaching skills, which a potential English teacher owns. If you don’t have an accredited TEFL/TESOL certification, then this is your principal step. However, this step is not required always to start online English teaching but it is an important step if you really want to build a successful online English teaching career.

Remember, the competition is extreme, so you need to deliver something extra in order to survive and get hired. That’s because a TEFL/TESOL certificate is the international standard qualification for teaching English abroad and is acknowledged by schools from all around the world. TEFL/TESOL will aid you to learn ESL teaching abilities that are essential to becoming a worthy English teacher. You will get to learn different approaches of ESL teaching with different learning styles, lesson planning, how to simplify the language and grammar for your learners, and many more crucial aspects.

What’s new? Your TEFL/TESOL certification never terminates and doesn’t need to be reintroduced. Once you are certified, it’s for a lifetime.

  1. College Degree

While a college degree isn’t officially obligatory for qualified ESL teachers with permits, it is super advantageous for your professional growth, job search and, most significantly, your attainment as an ESL teacher online. You will find that a majority of the reputable recruiters require that all their ESL teachers hold a college degree even if your degree is not related to education! You know that the demand for English language education among students remains extraordinary, and a native English speaker is the perfect educator for this language education. So, in order to stand out from the crowd, getting a college degree is helpful. Most ESL teaching positions worth applying to either need a TEFL/TESOL certification with a college degree or prefer it and consider it an advantage. It is very common for online language schools to select an applicant with a college degree in addition to possessing a TEFL/TESOL certification.

  1. Accurate Hardware and an Internet Connection

You need to ensure that you have all the necessary hardware that you will need to teach English online with an internet connection. The necessary hardware includes:

  • A laptop or desktop both work.
  • Get a good quality external webcam if you do not have an innate webcam on your laptop.
  • A headset with a microphone.
  • Solid and stable internet connection.

Along with these requirements, make sure you install the right software. In teaching English online, you will have a video chat with your students. So you will need software for that like Skype, Zoom, and Google Duo, and so on. Or, maybe you could work through an online English teaching company, and they can provide the appropriate software. It is necessary to have the right software and hardware for teaching English online.

After these steps, make sure you create a professional resume that highlights your teaching, tutoring, coaching and mentoring experiences. Well, it is recommended to create an online profile such as a Facebook page, LinkedIn profile, or even a website so your students can learn more about you and your aptitude to teach.

Now, another question may come to your mind where do you start looking for an online ESL job?,,, Eѕljоbѕwоrld.соm, TeachESLonlineAnywhere.соm,  etc. are some of the popular ESL job search websites where you need to register as a Job Seeker and apply for some of the online English teaching jobs. These websites definitely help or maybe you can just talk with online English teachers in Groups (Facebook, LinkedIn, Quora). These are also great resources to talk with other online ESL teachers. You may find jobs in Online English Teaching, Teaching College Online, Platforms like Udemy and Skillshare, and so on.

Youtube is one greater place to start. Some of the ESL teachers that have Youtube channels are referring teachers. Another option for you is you can just post your profile on freelancing ESL websites.

Well, teaching English online can still be a fresh concept to many; internet has undoubtedly added a whole new dimension to a lot of professions and teaching is one of them. Now, as classes become more reachable, more and more non-native speakers, for various reasons, want to become fluent in English. This has given English teachers the biggest advantage: a strong job marketplace. While teaching English online, you can do it from anywhere you want. Online English teaching offers you the liberty to teach outside a restrained classroom. When teaching English abroad or online, many institutions or students will need to see your TEFL certificate course online. The certification will give complete training that requires a teaching practicum, so you can get some English teaching experience. With all these, you will be eligible to get more job opportunities.

At this moment, you recognize how to start teaching English online (we hope so)! The market for online English teachers is really excellent with the correct certifications!

Happy Teaching!

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