Pursue a TEFL course from Mumbai and transform your life

Arguably the most popular city in India and also the most populous one, Mumbai the capital city of the state of Maharashtra is located on the western coast of India, in the coast of Konkan. For those looking to pursue their In-class TEFL course from an Indian state that conforms to the contemporary standards of living along with good job prospects, Mumbai is one of the best options available to you. Mumbai is the city that has built a distinct characteristic of its own. It is often called “the city that never sleeps” as the city always seem to be working, irrespective of the time of the day. The city seems to be always on the move, throbbing with people working in a non-stop fashion. The city is always filled with numerous activities and is the highest income city in India by GDP per capita.

Mumbai – A snapshot

The Commercial and Entertainment city of India, Mumbai is one of the most progressive cities in India with a progressive approach towards life. A cosmopolitan city, the people residing there love to call themselves “Mumbaikars” who apart from the natives of the place also comprises of people from all over India, who have flocked to the city in search of better opportunity and life. Mumbai is the land of dreams, where people from all regions migrate to the city in search of better livelihoods. These are the people who make Mumbai so diverse and lend it a character that cannot be found elsewhere. Hence Mumbai can be termed as “the city that accommodates all.” The city has a mixture of people belonging from different religion and language since the transformation of the place had begun. As the city comprises of people from all religion and practices, hence it can also be called as “Miniature India” too. Since Mumbai has seen it all, it has left its past behind towards a peaceful and glorious present and future.

With two major beaches of India located here, Mumbai has a number of tourist locations to boost their tourism. Tourism is a big industry in Mumbai. It is the 30th most visited cities worldwide, attracting approximately 6 million tourists per year. The main tourist attractions of Mumbai include Taj Mahal Palace, Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, Elephanta Island, Iskon Temple, Sanjay Gandhi National Park, Gateway of India, Haji Ali Dargah, Marine Drive, Juhu Beach, Mahalaxmi Dhobi Ghat, Esselworld, and many more.

TEFL and the TEFLers

An in-class TEFL course comprises of many interesting and exciting new events and activities. Visiting the corners of Mumbai and getting a taste of its flavours, right after your class, will certainly make your TEFL training experience a memorable one. If the TEFLers enrol for the course in Mumbai, they will be in for a lot of excitement during their stay in the city. Apart from attending classes, they will also learn about the lifestyle of the Mumbaikars. One of the safest cities in the city, the TEFL aspirants will be able to visit and explore the corners of the city in the most relaxed and comfortable way.

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