Steps to Create a Rocking TEFL Demo Lesson Successfully for Teaching English Online

In the current teaching English as a foreign language job market, teaching English online is one of the top-most ESL career choices among career enthusiasts. Although the internet has been around for ages, still now talking to someone online is a bit irregular thing and it can take a while to get used to it. Keeping in mind the current situation, the demand for teaching English online at present has increased like anything all across the globe. With the demand, the competition is also cutting-edge and you need to actually get hired by your recruiters and before that happens, you need to ace your interview with online demo lessons.

What can you expect in a live demo?

Well, it’s a good idea to sign in around 15 minutes earlier, so that you can test your audio as well as equipment. Some online ESL tutoring companies will give you an alternative to do a recording of a demo lesson for your interview instead of a live interview. Here, you’ll be given guidelines on how to complete and submit the demo lesson video on the company’s interview page. You can find teaching demo samples on different platforms like YouTube, VIPKid, GoGoKid, etc.

Understanding the purpose of the demo lesson for an online teaching English interview

Your teaching demo should be at least five minutes unless the recruiter has indicated otherwise. The demo lesson is a fundamental and crucial part of the hiring process for online teaching English jobs and depending on the recruiter you’ll be asked to formulate a demo lesson or intro video. Generally, recruiters ask for this, as a teaching demo is a worthy way for them to acquire a sense of your character, teaching approach, ability to planning your lessons as well as understanding your professionalism. These are all essential things that are imperative while teaching ESL online.

Well, if you’re an experienced online ESL teacher at teaching demos, you will understand that an online teaching demo is not that different from an in-person one. However, if you’re new to ESL teaching then this can be an intimidating view for you for quite reasonably! However, don’t worry we’re going to help you with some great tips to help you!

  1. Plan Your Demo Lesson

Well, the first thing you have to do is research well about the company you’ve applied to work for and then plan it according to their preference. Research things like –

  • Who are their students?
  • Where are they based?
  • How do they advertise themselves?
  • How’s the review?
  • How’s their work culture?

Search them well up on different reliable sites like LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Reddit and go through their reviews, both from students and employees. This information will help you to plan your demo lesson well during the interview. Here, we would suggest you write yourself a demo lesson plan, even if the recruiter is not demanding it. Introduce the basic vocabulary, topic, or model. If you plan to use technology in your online demo lesson then you better make sure it will work when you requisite it. Create a back-up plan still for when if it doesn’t work. Brush up well your language well.

  1. Make a Formal Intro

Introduce yourself well and ask for the students’ names professionally. You must be thinking this seems like a basic thing, but when you are anxious you don’t remember to do the noticeable always. Questionably, the arrangement of an online demo lesson tends toward the abnormal, nonetheless, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to show them as an authentic ESL teacher as you can.

  1. Keep it Simple

Choose a sensible topic, don’t select something that is absolutely incomprehensible. Also, it’s crucial to have a grade level or age group in mind when planning your online demo lessons. Avoid materials or activities that are too difficult and be sure to use vocabulary that is accustomed to you. Try to make your demo lesson video visually attractive. Pick activities that are instructive, yet also interesting to see on camera. Here, the props are a great idea! Props are super enjoyable and appealing for online lessons. Try spending a lot of time reading through the ESL materials and adapting them to your teaching flair. This will also look really notable to your interviewer!

  1. Please Practice Well

No matter how fine you have a planned online demo lesson in your head or on paper, voicing it out loud on camera is a very different aspect. Once you have done these and you feel ready to start recording, rehearse your lesson a few times at first. The more familiar with the course material you are, the more natural it will look on camera. Practice it in front of a mirror and here it’s important to pay attention to your facial expressions. We would suggest you try to keep your future students in mind while recording your video. It will be really helpful if you have a friend or family member around, you can ask them to watch your demo at least once and ask for their feedback, then make adjustments wherever necessary.

  1. Have the Credentials

Well, do you know the required criteria when it comes to a descent online ESL job? Unlike some real-classroom jobs, a huge number of reputable online English teaching companies hire non-native English speakers. They prefer an online TEFL/TESOL degree from their candidates, so make sure you have it. Having a TEFL/TESOL certificate gives your online English teaching interview more hireable chances. This will really make you shine in the interview!

  1. Use Good Hardware

Even though many laptops have an in-built webcam as well as mic, but we would suggest you consider a good webcam/DSLR with a good mic. They can make a huge difference to your picture and sound quality by making them well worth it. A vague picture with crackling audio isn’t just going to work well for teaching English online demo lesson plan. Also, keep in mind the importance of good lighting, it will look more professional. If your space doesn’t get much natural light, try to arrange good professional lights. Try to invest in some lighting equipment to look like a pro really, which is usually cheaper and more solid than you might even think! Here, also we would like to mention the significance of safeguarding your background with a tidy and organised set-up. Make sure to dress suitably also, just like you would for any other interview.

What do recruiters want during the online demo lesson for an interview?

Most of the time, the online ESL companies want to see whether you can successfully use their online platform along with the available tools. Sometimes, acing the interview isn’t enough as you won’t get a job just because you are good with the interviews. You will be required to teach a demo class.

At the end of your online demo class, ask for feedback. Ask your interviewer what they think about your teaching approaches and how you could develop.

Nevertheless, different employers’ attitude towards the demo classes is different in many ways. Make sure you’re not talking all the time as you also have to be aware of talking time and minimise it, just like in a real lesson. Your lesson plan needs to engross as well as implicate the learner. Don’t just Lecture! There is a surplus of different user-friendly resources accessible online about how to use film editing software and so on, if you are inexperienced.

Don’t forget to highlight your classroom management skills which you can learn from the TEFL Course in Kolkata program. Moreover, don’t be anxious about giving evocative plus sensitive error rectification. Significantly, your demo lesson is principally the product sample of what you are truly selling along with your time and knowledge. Subsequently, personality is so essential while teaching English online, your demo lesson needs to boast your joyful as well as enthusiastic personality.

Good luck!

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