Teaching English in Vietnam can be an exhilarating experience

If you have always been dreaming of travelling to exotic places in the world but you were unable to fulfil it, well, it is time to reconsider it and start living it. A TEFL certificate course is your key to fulfil all your dreams. Hence, in order to become an international teacher, you can always enrol yourself in a TEFL certificate course, as TEFL is now a mandate in most countries looking for English teachers. TEFL can be pursued in the Online or In-class TEFL course, and become a TEFL certified teacher.

ESL/EFL job prospects in Vietnam

A TEFL graduate, gets the opportunity to teach and travel to various parts of the globe. Among the Asian countries in terms of teaching opportunities, Vietnam is one such country, which is opening its doors with lots of opportunities for the trained EFL/ESL teachers. Vietnam is a thriving market for teaching English and it is not quite difficult to find work here, for non-native speakers too. Many National Foreign Language Projects are taking place and there is a massive impetus upon learning English at the moment. These projects are aimed at most of the students of Vietnam to become confident speakers of English and use English language in their daily work and communication by 2020.

In recent times numerous Kindergartens, International Schools, Language Centres and Private Schools are growing in Vietnam and they are all dedicated to teach English as a foreign language to the Vietnam students. Thus this creates an abundance of opportunity combined with all year round hiring system for the TEFL teachers. Thus Vietnam can be considered a very lucrative and enriching market for the teachers out there.

A TEFL teacher can live fantastic quality of life in Vietnam. A native TEFL graduate earns around $20 per hour on standard average. Even as a non-native one can get lot of teaching opportunities here. As an ESL/EFL teacher you get to teach learners from varied age groups and backgrounds. One can start teaching English to the young learners in the kindergarten schools and can gradually move to teach Adult learners, to brush up their adult English teaching skills.

In Vietnam, you can always get employed in a school with an annual contract or you can also be on multiple part time contracts with many others schools or language centres. Tutoring is another, important mean to earn more in Vietnam. Depending upon your teaching skill you can earn about $20 to $30 per hour.

As Vietnam offers high volume of teaching positions, it is not only teaching and having an interesting career but also getting enchanted by the local markets selling fresh flowers and fruit, enjoying the delicious pho (noodle soup) a traditional food of Vietnam along  with the freshly brewed, cheap beer ’bia hoi’ which comes around 50 cents.

If you are looking for an opportunity to teach in Vietnam, and learn about its exotic culture, another important aspect to ensure is your university degree; a Bachelor’s degree is a must in here. Complete your TEFL/TESOL certificate course and get ready for an exciting career with a handsome salary. Vietnam is relatively new in the TEFL world and if you can get past the initial culture shock, adjust to the situations there and start with an open mind, working in Vietnam would be certainly an exhilarating experience for you.

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